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Canterlot's donut making, coffee slinging nox pony, amongst other OCs. As well as writing the occasional, he proofreads and edits them as Gavin the griffon and calls the STL area home.

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    Any icon makers out there?

    I'm looking for a new icon, but not form my OC, but for one of the programs on my computer. I'm running the Inverse-Blue icon set on my computer, and really hate the icon for Palemoon. Since I'm asking here, I bet y'all can guess what I want as a replacement, but for those who can't, I want an icon of the Mare in the Moon. So, anyone up for that? I'm happy to pay for it.

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    Reviews rolling out

    Over on my Hopeling blog, starting with a list of new additions to my tracking bookshelf.

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    Tweak to the reviews

    Small one, but we're now queuing the reviews. One review posted an hour until the queue is empty, starting at 1600 hours. At least if things work right, right now the queue is claiming 1600 and then 0800 for some reason. We'll be working on it, but this also means that announcements to authors will be when we have time to get a link, because until it's posted, there's no link to share.

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    Back to reviews

    Yep, I'm getting started on them again, just two quick pieces that aren't proper reviews so far, one commenting on the long break between reviews, and the other giving an overview of the newest stuff on my reading list.

    Bug Reports

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    Soooo, apparently starting tomorrow we're in lockdown... quarantine... Sorry, shelter in place. Still trying to figure out the point of the order, considering that the list of things you're still allowed to do are go to the grocery store, pharmacy, get food, access essential services and work. Ummm, so basically the same things I've been allowed to do until today, right?

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Reviews rolling out · 1:19am August 3rd

Over on my Hopeling blog, starting with a list of new additions to my tracking bookshelf.

Not much else to say, been busy reading here and more or less eliminated my read later shelf. The way it's looking, I might be out of pony words before the end of the week, aside from story updates which is typically a do* or so chapters a week (scary considering I track almost 127** stories). Also I've been lucky enough to make an appearance in the awesome story New Horizons. Not quite the canon version of me, but mildly tweaked to make me a human turned bat pony with a number of tweaks borrowed from my RL self. Speaking of RL...

RL is normal, my computers OS is still somewhat unsettled, Linux still, but waffling between EndeavourOS LXQt or Cinnamon, both are installed on my main and previous computers, the i3 variant on my guinea pig laptop, and LXQt on my regular laptop. Previous computer was because of the ease of setting up network sharing, although I still haven't got Apache working, laptop because it's lightweight, and the old laptop simply because I needed something working on there as I'd broken my previous Arch based install. As to the main computer, it's because after using Cinnamon on the file sharing computer, I found that I liked it a lot more than the Anarchy version, so I figured I'd give it a second chance. Oh, money might be getting tight as my were (partner) has been furloughed for months, with no sign of him finding a new job or getting called back any time soon. If anyone wants to buy me a Kofi, it'd be appreciated. If you need a reason, consider these stories that I've edited or at least proofread. Yes, I've a job, but $9.50/hr doesn't go far.

Twelve or a dozen for you non-Equestrians and your weird base-10 counting
175 for you non-Equestrians

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