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Melody Song

A Bisexual Pegasus with a talent in writing and singing. I can also do magic-long story. Also, Luna is best Princess and the Wonderbolts are awesome. Change my mind, I dare you.

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Happy Ones-versary Bezier! · 9:04pm Jul 20th, 2020

Hey guys, I thought I'd post a blog today because today is the one-year anniversary of a good friend of mine, Bezier Ballad. If you don't know who Bezier is already, go ahead and check out her work. She's an amazing writer. This blog isn't much, but I just want to say: happy one-year anniversary Bez. Here's to many more future years, stories, and fun.

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Happy versary Breezy!

Aww, thanks Mel!

Heh, no problem Bez :twilightsmile:

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