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Will return with more stories! I'm still studying for the exams SAT, ACT and Drivers' ED (I passed PERT) - please be patient!

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Yesterday was my dad's birthday! · 7:27pm June 30th

Hi guys, I'm ALMOST back from my hiatus, and I've come back with a story that is soon to be finished.

I felt sick yesterday evening due to my sleepiness, and I could not post this, but it was my dad's birthday yesterday, yay!

My Dad and Mom had the day off so we swam in our community pool, drove to the beach, and bought fish and chips at the Pig and Whistle (a restaurant that makes huge fish and chips that emulate British ones.) My parents thought they did a great job, and the food was generally delicious. We were able to order takeout immediately. We drove back home, ate our food, watched free On-Demand Movies until I felt sick because I've been staying up too late, (and my headache/dizziness stopped me from being able to DRAW! Sniff, how DARE it! But my mom prayed on me until I felt better. I then went to sleep, and could finally close my eyes 👀 and not have the room spinning around even with my lids closed.

You're welcome for this accidental blog XD, I love you guys, God bless you all, have a wonderful day, I'll be back soon,and don't forget to wish my dad a late happy birthday! :D

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Comments ( 3 )

Oof, hope you feel good soon, friend. Stay safe out there. :pinkiesmile:

And happy belated birthday, Daddy Kikio! :twilightsmile:

Happy belated birthday Kikio's dad!

Happy belated Birthday to him!

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