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  • 188 weeks
    Loveliest of Trees... from Fluttershy’s PoV?

    I’ve been writing a story from the female’s PoV, and it’s really interesting and fun. It presents a challenge with first person, which is losing the omnipotence you have as the author, and also not projecting omnipotence into the character themselves. It’s challenging but fun.

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  • 193 weeks
    I'm not dead (other fanfic plug)

    I'm not dead. I've been hard at work on another fic. It's an Azur Lane romance fic told from Jean Bart's PoV. I've been super invested in it, so I apologize for ignoring the stories on here. I don't want my momentum on this story to die, because it's been getting great feedback and is a new challenge for me.

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  • 198 weeks
    A Pirate’s Crush Ch.1 (Azur Lane Jean Bart Romance Fic)

    *My name is Jean Bart of the Vichya Dominion. I'm the Dominion's strongest battleship, who needn't rely on anyone but myself. Yet... I've found myself completely infatuated with my commander. I have no clue how this happened. Just the sight of him turns my confidence into a mere facade, yet that feeling is like a drug to me. Confusing and aggravating would be a couple ways to describe it. Now, he

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  • 199 weeks
    The Duty of a Secretary Ch.2 (Azur Lane SiriusXBelfastXCommander NSFW Fic)

    If you care about this fic at all, then Ch.2 was released yesterday. Hope you enjoy. Here, it starts to get quite steamy ;)


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  • 199 weeks
    Azur Lane NSFW fic - The Duty of a Secretary

    I had inspiration and began an Azur Lane fic called The Duty of a Secretary and wanted to leave a link in case any of you were interested. Nothing blatantly explicit yet, but it's gonna get VERY steamy and sexy in future chapters.

    Don't hate me for slacking on the MLP fics. My mind is very sporadic and I jump between projects depending on what I'm feeling.

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maybe... · 7:53pm Jun 23rd, 2020

Changed Forgotten Love to hiatus. Maybe I can make it work? I'd def have to start over to some degree, but I've been wondering if I can make it work.

Also, I'm not dead, work is just busy and I've been mentally exhausted by the end of it all. Also just unmotivated. I'll get back to it eventually, though. I want to see where the overhauled story will go (the Loveliest redux).

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Comments ( 7 )

Thank you! pls make it work for the you readers can't wait for you to finish the story at you time you make or spare

Not the name, the way it’s written. It’s borderline plagiarism right now.

Write on if that is what you're going to do,
and it's good to hear from you friend,
stay healthy safe and happy

Pls make it work I want read the rest of the story

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