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Just a Fanfic writer. My pet peeve are people trying to get me to update too fast when I take my Time! Buy Me Coffee: https://ko-fi.com/clinthoyt

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    Sorry that I have not been around, my PC has died and all I have is my Phone. I will get back to writing as soon as I get a new PC.

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    Writing Challenge: Mykan's Starfleet Ponies vs. Warhammer 40K

    This is not something that is being used to get Mykan pissed off, as everything seems to get him angry anyways. This is a honest challenge.

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    Why I take Time with my Stories

    a few people, whose names I shall not mention, have made fun and trolled me on the way I write. They hate it because I take it slow. Why I take it slow is not only because of RL, but also the fact you don't rush ART!

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    As you know, I have many things going on in RL that keeps me from updating daily and being nagged about stories gets on my nerves. I will update stories as soon as I can. But you will get updates. I will not announce them as I like them to be random.

    Also any Nagging about stories or trolling because I am slow with updates will be met with the wrath of my friend.....

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  • 56 weeks
    A Message to all people:


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More Ranting and raving from Mykan · 5:44am Jun 21st, 2020

To be honest, people are getting tired of Mykan's yelling about MLP all the time. Yes I know that he is a Anti-Brony but him trying to prove that everything is bleak and that everyone should be like him is getting on everyone's nerves, even when some people like some of his stories and make good comments about them, he blows up in their face, even when they dare to add the word 'everypony'.

Mykan, I know you are lurking so here is a message for you, stop trying to make every-being to be like you, no one is listening. also you need to get help, mentally.

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I’m not sure who are you talking about?

Honestly at this point I'm convinced that he just wants to remain miserable.

This guy.


Ok. Thanks

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