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"I was just thinking. Maybe I was wrong before. Who cares if the stars are dead? As long as we can see them, that means they're real... to us. Right?" "Right." - Rachel Amber and Chloe Price

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The Eternal Summer · 12:41am May 27th

It's begun. Our six-month summer. Luna preserve us I'm dying ready. :fluttershyouch:

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Comments ( 21 )

Don’t worry, friend. We got this.:twilightsmile:

I'm melting, melting!! :raritydespair:

Where do you live?

Somewhere way worse. Trust me.:rainbowlaugh: (Rhymes with Bevada.)

Oh I believe it, depending on where you live there. It's 37 here in the north bay of Cali.

That's Celsius of course because I'm not some sort of ignorant primative savage.

But I am unfortunately.:raritydespair:

*disdainful British accent* Oh, poor ignorant savage.

How you doing though? :)

Yes Luna preserve us :fluttershyouch:

Comment posted by Rainbow FlutterDash deleted May 27th

You hate heat too? From whereabouts you come?

Aww. :( Wish you were better then.

What ya up,to now? :3

5269634 New York, Dashie XD Not the city where COVID is thriving there, but on the outskirts in the town of Saugerties

New York isn't even hot. :derpyderp1: Is it?

Well I'm going to bed soon but sure.

5269701 Oh trust me it can be

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