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  • 9 weeks

    Hey, I'm gonna hit yall with another update.

    To start things off Stressful Nights, is my top priority when it comes to my stories currently and will stay that way until it is done, there are still several chapters to go, so bare with me and I promise to have the next chapter out soon.

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  • 16 weeks

    Hey, guess I should give a small update considering I haven't been actively posting chapters, so the next chapter of Stressful Nights is in the editing process, it's been in that process for awhile...but I have also been very busy, other stories have had their drafts written but I stopped them to focus on the story I mentioned above. But I am still working on everything, I promise that I'm not

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  • 50 weeks
    Where Am I?

    hey everyone, I know it has been awhile since I have updated anything and I even disappeared without any explanation, so I am here to do just that. This won't be a horribly long blog post, but I do need to explain some things. So here goes...

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  • 60 weeks
    The Everfree Files Rewrite!

    So I know this is late, but I just wanted to say that the prologue of The Everfree Files- book one: the Gunslinger is out right now! I plan on rewriting the first few chapters that were originally released and then continuing the story from there. The prologue itself went from a 1000 word chapter to a 4000 word chapter, and there is more to come from here on out as a fire has been lit inside of

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  • 60 weeks
    Big News!

    Hello every creature and or pony reading my stories, I'm have some big news that is actually good for once! So let's hop right in because I can't wait to tell everyone.

    1) The Everfree Files

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Something Important · 6:55am May 23rd, 2020

So this is...kind of hard to actually put out there...but I have some unfortunate news about some of projects. I guess I should start by saying none of them are canceled or on Hiatus, but don't expect a chapter for awhile...I have been going through some issues writing Stressful Nights, Children of the Six, and other projects. Here is the main issues for both stories. I have gone through a pretty horrible situation involving my own love life, that has honestly affected how I write the love portion of said stories and even going through editing the next chapter of Stressful Nights, I realized there was no emotion in it, it was rushed and I feel like I forced some things into it that shouldn't be a part of the story to begin with.

Now for the issues with Children of the Six...I have these plans for the future installations of this series (I literally planned out 3 stories that follows our heroes.) But I don't know how to write these characters properly to fit the story now considering I have a full ending for the franchise and I for some reason can't find the way to write them...plus Blackheart, who is supposed to be an important character is looking more like a Gary Sue the more I try to write about him, I have found ways to get rid of that portion, but I'm just struggling, the chapter will be released before Stressful Nights will but I don't know when hopefully soon as I am completely rewriting both chapters and there is more progress on CoS than Stressful Nights (a 3000 word difference actually) but I promise they will be out eventually, I'm sorry about the delay, but for all of those still out there, I haven't given up im just going through some stuff

And for those who have made it this far, thank you for reading my tales, I appreciate all of you that have been there and enjoying what is in my opinion some of the best stuff I worked on. Thank you everyone, seriously. <3 this is Silvermoon signing off...peace out.

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