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    I feel like I've done enough here to justify the term 'resign'. I'm not sorry that I have had more pressing responsibilities, but I would be sorry to leave here...even though there's still no way to delete user pages for whatever reason. My ten-year mark as a fan of FiM is coming up in early September, but I don't really care for it at all anymore; the most I'll do is recognize some characters up

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    Happy 2021 to all

    I wish you all the best! I'm just checking back in to report that I've been finding more and more time to write again, because, well, I quit my job again :'D And they're suffering without me once again :D I sacrificed my back, my mind and my sleep for them, and they only briefly appreciated my restless body and work ethic. But I'll be getting the crap out of Alabama soon enough — a couple more

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    I can hardly find the time to write anymore...for now?

    I hope it's temporary, anyway. I've been working so many nights, so much, and I'm always so tired on the days that I am lucky enough to have off; I spend those days catching up on my sleep and hardly anything else. Our other night shift guy up and left all of a sudden, so I'm going to be working seven nights a week again. Yes, that's right, I've been doing that before for about three weeks

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    I forgot to mention...

    Ask, rather. Does anyone happen to be looking for a roommate anywhere? I'm going to need help with that myself soo, too. I don't know how much longer I have here, but any response would be appreciated, regardless

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What's the best possible way to seek the best possible help for my severe depression? · 8:57am May 22nd, 2020

I can't make decisions, and I rely on my boyfriend to make most of them for me. I feel incredibly guilty for not knowing how to appease him and everyone around me. And while I know I don't need to include the 'everyone', I need help from anyone who will listen, be it those I hardly know and feel stressed to become friends with, those I do know but don't want to become 'clingy' too, and I'm just scared of everything. I'm scared of going anywhere in life, scared of attempting to, scared of everything.

He constantly reminds me that I need to make the choice to see someone, but I can't do it because I know I don't *need* it, and I can just trudge through and suffer through it, but I've suffered so much and I don't need to get any stronger. But my strength has turned to cowardice, it seems...

What have some of you done?

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Ouch. You're really letting your inner demons take over. Trust me though, it gets better. Talking to others really helps. At first, you think that they don't understand, that they haven't been through your pain and made your mistakes, but many people have. I mean, look at Sunset Shimmer and her path throughout Equestria Girls. She was in a bad place after she became a demon and got forcefully turned back, but she eventually learned to forgive herself and move on. You will, too. :pinkiesmile:

I kept stuff to myself a lot, it’s not the best thing to do.. even though I still kinda do it. But I have to say the same thing that Nature Pastel said

All I can suggest is find comfort and support from those you care for and who care for you. Talk with them and see if that can help sort things out

5267236 I have talked to most of the ones who I feel most comfortable with, and while not a lot of people remember my presence here, I thought to try asking here, too. Anyone who will listen and suggest or provide. It's great to know that my hobby of writing here isn't redundant just yet, as some people still wish well for me.

5267113 'It's OK not to be OK' ... that is is, but you develop habits that just take hold of you and don't let you go, and I'm sure I don't need to tell you that. You know when you're just kind of trapped and can't take others' advice when they advise you find a hobby or trade or something..?

5267070 I often don't know how to make myself clear anymore, and I don't really like talking about it anymore because I always get so desperate for that communication, or just a fragment of a grasp on it, from others. And more often than not, I say things I don't mean, I instigate; a war made mostly of jealousy wages on in my head, and so I know I'll never have any of this goodness, because my biology just doesn't allow opportunity and happiness inside anymore. I wonder what it would take for me to get forcefully turned back.

Hey, who said that demons have to be forcefully turned back? It takes some willpower, but if you ignore those demons, tell them that you don't want to hear whatever nonsense they have to say, it makes it easier to think about the best things in life. It's possible, just hard.

I have something that I like to remember when these things happen. This is my quote. Feel free to share this with anyone going through similar problems.

Life is for living, not thinking about life in either a positive or negative way. If you think too hard about life, you drive yourself insane.

If you can manage to enjoy your life, rather than think about how difficult it is, it will become easier.

I don’t agree with “it’s ok to be not ok”
But it depends on what people mean by it, emotional or physical. And finding a hobby talk isn’t good enough. People will need more support than just others saying that

I always wish well for a friend, and would try and help where I could. I may not be the most helpful, like right now, but I would at least try

5267969 And I couldn't ask for any less. :heart: Thank you for being here and doing what you do.

5267780 I wish it could be like that, too — where you could take even the slightest words to heart and be able to act on their advice even a little bit.

5267730 You think I haven't tried all this? It's hard indeed, for certain, and I know it can be done, like you say, but I just can't do any of that on my own anymore like I used to

Your very welcome. And with that remember, if you ever need to someone to talk to, or just someone to listen, we're here for you. *hugs*


Hugs! :pinkiesmile: Because I am also a Harry Potter fan, I'm going to remind you:

Don't let the Muggles get you down.

I personally think that it is ok not to be ok, as long as you don't let it consume you. As hard as it is with the whole coronavirus thing, try to do stuff that you enjoy.

I hope that this helps because, in my opinion, sometimes kind words and a little support can fix everything. Those two things can give you the confidence and happiness you need to pick up the pieces and carry on.

5268714 I've found a way to mitigate this just a little bit by exercising more often, and I've been doing what I can for now, with what's around the apartment. I'm hoping I can make something of a habit with this, and I think it'll be easier than finding a hobby that challenges other parts of my brain, because you don't really need to think how to move your body and be active. not in the same way, that is.

Glad to k ow that this is helping a little. I'm like Fluttershy: I can't stand seeing anyone in physical or emotional pain. I have to at least try to help those who I know are struggling.

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