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Hello there, I'm a Queen changeling with a broad sense of humor.

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  • 28 weeks
    Howdy folks, long time no update

    Hello again everyone!
    Its been a long while hasn't it? Well, I'll give you the short of things.

    Been working my new job, and running a neat lil D&D campaign for some friends. I've been trying to get a bit more actual discipline in my life so I'm not wasting away hours of my life pointlessly binging youtube videos on content that isn't anything more than distraction.

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  • 53 weeks
    Overtime Pains

    Hey all, bug here, permanently tired as per my norm for the past few months.

    I've gone and missed yet another goal I set for bugfic, thanks to work making us all do mandatory overtime and having no clear indication of when we're going to not have overtime, if ever. 9 hour workdays, yaaaaaaay...

    there just is not enough time for me to do the things I want to do anymore.

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  • 58 weeks
    Hi folks, long time no see!

    hello everyone, its me again.
    Happy to inform you that no terrible event has befallen me, nor have I been kidnapped by the Equestrian secret service.

    I'll keep this "relatively" short, or at least get the important bit outs of the way...

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  • 79 weeks
    Cover art for bugfic

    So its been ages since I last attempted to make art for my bugfic, and its gone all this while without a proper cover art for the story.

    I think its high time I fix that.
    I mean, I'm not particularly skilled at making digital art that isn't abstract or surreal or [other terms I can use to describe being a blurry mess and making up for lack in skill]

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  • 81 weeks
    Funny little fact

    With how much I've been writing for my bugfic and the myudiecorn fic, I've actually started using pony terms on accident in actual conversation.

    things like anypony and everypony, somepony especially since its similar to the original. I've also been calling states by their pony equivalent names from time to time.

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Changeling Avatar Doodle · 7:22am May 22nd, 2020

Not something I usually do, but uh... I tried my hand at sketching my changeling avatar, take a look!

(Apologies in advance for the poor visual quality, all I have to import images from paper to digital media is a cheap phone camera.)

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