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So. A major update on life. Plus "Daring Do...", ch. 8, is up! · 4:07pm Apr 21st, 2020

Nope, I've not been struck by the virus (cough, COVID-19, cough) and hopefully shall not be.

The quarantine is not a burden: I don't go to places much. It appears, it will be over soon. Hopefully very soon. But probably not so soon.

Despite how much time I have now... not much energy is in me... I could hardly bring myself to write...

But here it is: the 8-th chapter of "Daring Do...". Do you like it? Things are escalating! I hope, you are excited!

I am not sure, but I could take a break. I do hope, however, to continue writing! If only "The Spy" were not on my shoulders! Pulling two stories simultaneously... Uh, yeah.

I do also want to write something new! Equestria needs... robots! Oh, but this requires energy! Not because robots need electricity, but because I need determination! And a plan. And a plot. And to build the world! Ugh...

So, I will do my best!

I can't imagine, whom I'd have been, were it not for ponies. Ah!.. They've changed my life! United us all here!

Long live fiction, in short! Cheer up and be not blue, guys! "In the world you shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer: I have overcome the world" -- as said in Bible, John, 16:33. Really, the gospel has so many comforting lines! Take chapter 14, for example. Or 15. Or 16... You may need them in your dark hour.

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