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This'll be awkward. · 2:20pm Apr 18th, 2020

I really need to start taking commissions but I have no idea how to price my art. If anyone has an opinion I'd like to hear it.

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I generally try not to tell people what to charge for fear of either making them undercut themselves, or suggesting they charge a higher price and then they get no commissioners. So here's what I would suggest— take a look around. There are TONS of artists around deviantArt. See if you can find someone (or multiple someones) that draws at a somewhat similar skill level to you (that may be a bit biased from your perspective, so be careful), and see what they charge. Then see if they actually get commissioners (if somebody is charging a certain price but not getting any customers, they're probably charging too much). If you're willing to charge the same, go for it. Then find ways to get your name and pieces out into the spotlight (displays in the Art For Fanfiction group is a great start). If you get a lot of commissions, then you know you're in the right range.

I find it best to set a max and a minimum so people have an expectation then price it accordingly.

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