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Every single Warhammer 40k (WH40k) Faction Explained | Part 1 & part 2 · 11:33pm April 6th

"The Orks, a small tale of their powers: There once was an Ork ship, stuck in the void of space. From a great space battle it had just escaped, its hull riddled with holes. A good number of boyz, listening to their Kapt'n orders, were working on repairing as best as they could the damages.

Then, a new group rejoined them, clad in rudimentary spacesuits. As the chief of this new team arrived, to the already working ork he said, in a suave and delicate tone : "HEY LADZ, WHY U'Z WORKIN' WIVOUT SUITZ ? U ALL GUNNA DIE, THERE NO OXYGEN IN SPACE !!!"

And as these words were uttered, and the mind of the ork understood them, for nobody had thought of that problem amongst the repairing crew, reality was corrected, and their asphyxiated bodies since drift in space a reminder of both the incredible powers their race holds, and their stupidity." - from Oscar Poullard

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