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    Happy New Year

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    Happy New Year

    And let's make it a good one eh?

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Another Annoucement · 4:23pm Apr 6th, 2020

So... um, yeah. To The Stars has been taken down as well. I should explicitly state and emphasize. It has been taken down, not deleted.

I will happily provide a password to those who want to re-read the story if asked. Personally, as for why I'm taking down the story? It's sorta the same reason why Wild Access got the axe. Things... sorta got out of hand, too grand in scope which I accept is a failure of mine. I go overboard at times, with nobody to tell me no. Mind you, I am perfectly willing to tell you some of the ideas which were to be used. Pulled right from my GDocs...

Have Stardust be the one that created all the other Kyutamas, siphoning off the power from Discord, and made Stripped an android, with false memories and a crystal embedded in him to conduct magic.

Have a re-bodied Sombra be the leader of Dark Matter, agreeing with Armage’s ideas in balancing the universe after he possesses Armage.

One of Flashfire’s Orion Mode’s finishers is the Cassiopeia Impact in reference to the original Sentai series, Goranger. The other is the Friendship Crash.

Manx elects to stay aboard the Shining Armor and only goes back to her people when ready. Garu out of loyalty elects to stay as well.

Garu at one point morphs into the Canis Minor Ranger, a white version of Lupus Blue.

“Friendship’s like anything else in this world. If you’re afraid of it, and let it go, there isn’t nothing it can do but hold you back. But as soon as you embrace it, well that’s another story. Friendship… well, it can take on anything including the universe. I should know, I am the Princess of Friendship after all, just took me a while to realize that.” -Said by Flurry Heart before she truly unlocks her Magic Element and Kyutama.

“You know, I was afraid for the longest time. About what-ifs, maybes, and possible outcomes due to frankly poor leadership of my team. My team, got that? But you know what. Flurry was absolutely right, friendship is like anything else in the world. And using that, we will break down the barriers that are holding us back, and we will take on the universe! No, it wasn’t just Flurry. A friend -another one, she knows who she is- taught me this, I should have picked up on it sooner, but I never did. I thank her for that, slapping some sense into me when it was needed.”- Flashfire to Madako before engaging her and the latest Deathworm set to Bounce Back with the fight allowing them to finally form the Sacred Star Megazord.

Have the Legend of the Nine Kyutamas be created by the Rangers at some point in the past, to inspire hope for future generations against Dark Matter, and to set the chain of events that lead them to becoming the Paladins. They sadly, also created the ten (Phoenix being the tenth) original Kyutamas as well. Stable time loop.

Have Stardust basically be behind some of the events, with Flurry becoming Draco Commander II. Well, not all of the events, but subtly influenced by the draconequous Cosmos from the comics. They weren't behind Dark Matter, but anything relating to Equestria after the sun dying? Yeah, probably.

So yeah, there were a few ideas I had, it was just... executing them. So yeah. Yeah. I may redo this story eventually, just tone it down like I did for the whole Jetman thing. It'd still be Kyurangers, just more restrained. More focused on the characters

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