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PONID-21 Coverart! · 12:36am March 31st

Got some great coverart from Gab0o0 for my story PONID-21.

Report Damaged · 108 views · #PONID-21
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Comments ( 9 )

Ooh. So what software did they use?

5232195 I have no idea. Your best bet would be to ask over on their Twitter.

Shoot. Because I have no Twitter

5232201 Try their Discord then.

No Discord either.

5232205 You have a web browser, right? All you need for Discord is a web browser.

Don’t worry about it.

still havnt figured out the discord thing...i've tried a few diffrent patient id numbers, even tried ones you mention in the story or modifying the year...not quite sure what im missing...

Don't get me wrong, this is very cool. But I can't help but think "Oh good, King K. Rool finally got some eyedrops."

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