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  • 12 weeks
    Status update

    Sorry for the lack of updates to my stories. Been working a lot due to the place that I'm working at having low employees and having to walk from home to work due to having the car break down on me, so being tired from work and walking home pretty much put a tole on me on physically and mentally. I'll try to write on my free time from work, but still sorry for the lack of content here.

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  • 17 weeks
    Opening up Commission

    Opening up art commissions mainly because I need money to help repairing the muffler on my car. PM if you're interested in commissioning art from me

    Here are some examples

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  • 22 weeks
    Back to Writing

    Classes are over for the semester, now I can get back to writing again and job hunting ^_^

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  • 29 weeks
    Life update

    Okay, so for the next seven weeks I'm going to be busy with college classes for the summer. I won't be writing as much on this site until the weeks are up and even after I'll need time to recover after. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

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  • 36 weeks
    Story Update

    Fair warning to those who are following my stories. I'm planning on doing a bit of an overhaul with some of my older stories. Not taking them down like the others I have, mainly because of burnout or not liking how the story turned out with some of them. I'm planning on editing the stories I have up now that I've improved on my writing.

    Overhaul list:
    Sinner of Equestria
    The Ronin Samurai

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Update Status 8 · 2:28am Mar 29th, 2020

Hey everyone. Been awhile since I posted an update here on this page. Just wanted to let people know that I'm still alive and doing well. had to quit my job due to the coronavirus outbreak here in the USA and I didn't want to get sick due to not knowing who might have it. So I'm pretty much at home with my family until the situation with this virus is over. So for now I'll try and focus on writing stories seeing how I'll be at home for the most part. Everyone stay safe on your ends and survive this out break as best as you can.

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Nice to hear your doing good:twilightsmile:

Just a question. Why was master of imagination removed from the site?

Lost the drive due to editors up and leave without saying a word, or choose not to edit the story anymore due to irl or lost interest. It can be a bit annoying when that happen and it killed the drive for me to continue it. Hate to say this, but don't expect that story to come back anytime soon

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