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"I was just thinking. Maybe I was wrong before. Who cares if the stars are dead? As long as we can see them, that means they're real... to us. Right?" "Right." - Rachel Amber and Chloe Price

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My Most Prized Possessions · 5:21pm March 26th

HELLO! I'm alive, active and of course, sheltering in place. How are you all?

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging or commenting much. It feels like most who follow me are dead accounts now. :duck: I fully expect only Final Fantasy Forever and Subject 19 to comment on this blog lol. But either way, I thought I'd do one of those old-timey guessing games that were popular in that wonderful winter, spring and summer of 2015, right after the boom of Season 4 - hard to believe that was half a decade ago now! :derpyderp2:

So, without further ado! I'd like you all (aka you two probably XD) to guess my three most prized possessions out of a list of ten!
Seven of these are prized possessions.
Three are just possessions,
and one is something I don't even have!
But only three are my most prized possessions.
I'll tell you the story behind the three you guess, regardless if they're the top three.

1. A brass plaque with the word "Private"
2. A broken mobile phone
3. A hook and eye latch from a gate
4. A small wooden box
5. A foreign currency bill
6. A key
7. A military war medal
8. A page from a colouring book
9. A book
10. A jar full of dirt

No idea why. It just came to me. :rainbowlaugh: Good luck!

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Comments ( 11 )

Well I'm not one to subvert expectations X3

Interesting choices you have here

Oh, and with all the crap been going on, please do stay healthy

I'm trying! Hope you are too friend. :rainbowlaugh:

Best of luck, and yes I am. I still go for walks just because I will lose it if I don't get some air. Other than that I am staying inside to limit possible exposure. I hope we all come out on the other side of this

That's about the same for myself!

What is it like where you are? Is it barren and empty much like here?

What do you mean? There's a lot less cars and people then there used to be. Schools and parks are closed.

That's what I meant. What are usually bustling areas now with much fewer people.

it's almost unreal...one never thinks something like this could happen

Yeah. Maybe one positive effect will be a wake up call for the first world.

Well I think the whole world will be changed by this, we will hopefully all be more sanitary, likely globally travel and immigration will have more steps due to much stricter health checks, but there may be more drastic changes. People have taken a more "look out for yourself" approach now, EU members have closed themselves off to one another, Germany in particular, their other member nations have been an afterthought. In addition, Hungary is now all but an autocracy, the people granted their elected leader, Viktor Orban emergency powers for dealing with the crisis, all elections have been suspended indefinitely for the duration of the crisis. I don't know Viktor anymore than I know Adam, but power is a difficult thing to turn down, it takes a certain kind of person who can take the crown in his hands and instead of putting it upon his head, puts it into the hands of the people.

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