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    Today is a very sad day for the project.

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Corona Update -Coping and Tactics · 6:08pm March 24th

Hello MetaVerse Fans!

As the Coronapocolypse is upon us, it’s been mighty quiet around the sites and discords, despite the fact we’re all sheltering in place!

So I thought I’d present a quick rundown of what's still going on!

First and foremost, STAY SAFE! There's so much to do in that simple idea: Washing your hands, social distancing and making sure you stay informed on your local, state and federal sources for the next steps that affect you!

In this age of digital connectiveness, you have a great deal of tools in your box to keep you socially active. Mental processes can fade if you don’t keep them going, and a good deal of that as humans comes from interaction be it chatting, talking video wise or other such related activities!

Gaming has become a suddenly more fashionable idea, as has reading (imagine that!)

That being said, I’ve told my servers I moderate not to be shy about checking in and making sure everyone’s alright. Community, no matter how small it may be, is important in times of isolation like this and that type that may be ahead.

Forging forward together as a united front is the surefire way to make it through in one piece!

So here’s that pesky discord server info again!

Feel free to join and if we don’t respond, we will just pop into Main-City-Chat and say hello.

Myself or my staff will keep an eye out for you all!

You may see one of your favorite authors as we are amassing them. I’ll post an update on the stories later, but I wanted to step up and show that not all is dreary, not all is dark, and even after the darkest of storms, the sun always rises.

Be Safe,
DarkMalcontent & The MetaVerse Team

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Comments ( 2 )

We will! ^^ :scootangel:

You stay safe as well! ^_^

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