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Someone who doesn't know how to describe herself, is always struggling with debilitating depression, and won't stop hanging onto the hope that happy endings are possible.

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Still Alive (and an update on where various stories stand) · 6:53pm Feb 28th, 2020

Figured that I'd check in. Things are bad. Things have always been bad. Things had already been notably bad for six months before I became a member here. They've only gotten worse since then.

At this point the best I can say about where I'm at is, "I'm not suicidal yet," which isn't nearly as positive as it sounds because in days gone by I would have never imagined it might be necessary to tack a "yet" onto the end of the sentence, and now I feel it is.

Here's a rundown of where my stories stand:

Fractured Friendship
971 words have been written for Chapter 2
11,727 18,010 words have been written for later chapters
᠎ ᠎ ᠎ ᠎ (That figure is inflated because some are redundant while others are superfluous.)

A New Path Forward
0 words have been written for Chapter 3
1,702 words have been written for Chapter 5
287 words of bare dialogue have been written for a yet to be determined later chapter
813 words from a different yet to be determined chapter have been written

From the Ashes
104 words have been written for Chapter 1. (The only published chapter is the prologue.)
1,389 words have been written for Chapter 2 or 3 (won't be sure which until I get there.)
5,760 words have been written for another chapter, I know not which.
526 words have been written that likely belong in one or both of the previously mentioned chapters.

Down the Memory Hole
0 words have been written for Chapter 2.
331 words have been written for a later installment. (Late enough to be circa the climax)

Those are the in progress stories that have words actually written instead of just plans in my head.

Stories I'm not actually writing (including eleventy billion alternate Anon-a-Miss ideas)
45,992 words have been written.

Let's close with a random snippet from the story I didn't actually end up writing for the second Imposing Sovereigns contest:

“Equestria was almost conquered, twice, by a creature whose sole power was the ability to steal magic.”

“Ok, but Equestria is almost conquered all the time,” Sci-Twi said. “After the first eight times, it stops sounding impressive.”

“Your incredibly rude and tasteless point is well made,” Celestia said.

“Thank you.”

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I'm still waiting for some chapters for Fractured Friendship.

So first and foremost, I really hope things start getting better for you. "Not worse" would be a nice temporary comfort, but I'm really really hoping for better.


“Your incredibly rude and tasteless point is well made,” Celestia said.

“Thank you.”

Oh heck that hit me right in the chuckles.

If you're really that desperate, the first scene of chapter two is available via Patreon. Apparently it's 1,052 words instead of the 971 I mentioned here, so it got longer via revision. That being said, it's a relatively short scene, not a chapter. That's why it's not posted here: it's incomplete. I'm not publishing a new chapter of Fractured Friendship until I actually have a full chapter to post.

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