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If you can, please help (dog got hit by car; emergency care is expensive) · 10:12pm Mar 22nd, 2020

(For the story of what happened, go to the previous post.)

Provided nothing unexpected happens, Chloe will recover, which is great, and the final total for the cost of her care will be $7,454.11 to $9,702.30, which is less great.

I don't have that money. Even the portion that I already paid (over four thousand) I don't really have. I put it on credit cards and hoped that I'd be able to do fundraising to pay that off because I can't actually afford it.

So, help would be good.* There are three ways to help.
The way that helps the quickest is to donate money on Paypal, because my account is linked to a debit card so I can use that instantly. I've already done that, actually. I probably shouldn't use the word "lifesaver" in this context when it's not literal, but being able to use $400 that had been donated yesterday felt like one. Chloe might have had to be discharged before getting all the care she needed if I couldn't use those donations as easily as I can a credit card.
Alternatively, you can donate to this GoFundMe that my sister's "it's been complicated" relationship partner set up. (I avoided saying it before, but it's kind of unavoidable now. The less than stellar legal owner of Chloe is my sister.)
Finally, you can spread those links around. (I have a feeling that people are more likely to trust and donate to the GoFundMe than to my Paypal.me page.)

Here's a picture of Chloe (and my niece):


* If you can, that is. I don't want anyone to send money they can't spare. I spent money I couldn't afford to spend because I know the dog and I was right there with her, and I saw everything (smelled it too), and so forth. No one else was, no one else should feel the need to be as financially reckless as I've been.

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Ohhh I really really really hope things go well.

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