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just a idea i wanted to ask if people would like to see · 5:48pm Feb 11th, 2020

i have been thinking of a story based on the horror game called song of horror here the trailer for it and some gameplay you guys be the judge of this and after i finish the Unitology Project it may be my next story.

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I think i remember that game. Sure i would read that but there is one thing... choose a character(s)

and with all story's it can be worked around, i can ask the aduices for that. i will make a list of characters and the people can vote for them. of course this is if i make the story but i am throwing out ideas for it.

Never play that game of heard of it maybe I'll give it a try

the game is on steam and it's rated highly, recommend it to any horror fan. and yeah give it a try apple bloom but it's up to you.

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