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Maybe Back, Maybe Not · 9:44am Nov 17th, 2012

Hello everyone, (there's a tl;dr at the bottom, but please read!)

I'm not sure how many of you will actually read this, but I'm sure that if any of you have been truly waiting for my return to the literary word, you'll be interested to hear from me, and if not, it makes the point of writing this rather moot.

I have very recently begun to break out of my spell of writer's block and have, as a result, begun writing again.

Unfortunately I've been unable to focus on a single project due to the rather high number of ideas I still have floating around in my head including the continuation of Hooves of Wrath, an alternate universe reboot of Moxi's story without the war, and a new collaborative work with Dreamcatcher, a Fallout Equestria sidefic starring the descendants of Moxi, Dreamcatcher, and several other ponies from Moxi's circle.

Even more unfortunately, I have found myself questioning more and more whether it is wise to continue writing pony fiction.

As some of you may be aware and others may only be learning now, I plan to make a career of writing. I can not, however, make a career of writing pony fiction, and as a result I worry that I should possibly be focusing all my artistic efforts on breaking into the more 'legitimate' literary world.

I have far from given up on writing these stories, as I still have quite a few more stories about Moxi and her friends that I want to tell, but I can no longer guarantee that I will be completing them.

It very much doesn't help the situation that, through my exile, I have become increasingly disconnected with any of you out there who read and enjoy my stories.

I hope this doesn't come out the wrong way, but it will greatly help the chances of me completing Hooves of Wrath, The Luneria Chronicles, and any other pony fiction stories I might work on if I can hear from you all!

It was comments from you, the readers, on For the New Lunar Republic during my first bout of pony writer's block that got me off my flank to continue and finish the story, so I'm asking you all to work your magic again!

tl;dr - I'm currently struggling with the decision of whether or not to continue my stories, please kick my flank back into pony writing gear!

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Comments ( 5 )

Maybe welcome back then! :pinkiegasp:

For the New Lunar Republic is one of my favourite stories, so you resuming work on the sequel would make me very happy. I usually only read complete stories though and I guess you can't really make a career of writing fan fiction. I'd gladly read anything you'd come up with, even if it isn't fan fiction!

Coming from a writer who constantly struggles with writers block/lack of motivation, I know exactly what you're going through. Let me give you some advice. ^^

1. Come up with scenes you want to write, and write them. You'll have fun most likely and you'll be more ready to fill in the gaps with things that make sense.

2. Don't put it off. Trust me, it will never get done unless you do it.

3. Make sure you have an idea of the big picture, and always know what you're writing about.

Any more questions? Need an editor? Feel free to PM me.

The way I see it. Writing Pony Fiction is one of two things

And outlet to practice. The MLP framework allows us to write our ideas via delivery of something we all enjoy. This being said, It serves almost as a bridge to true Fiction, rather than Fan Fiction. It doesn't need to be driven by large amounts of Fans, but people who enjoy the content and have similar ideas are important to help develop writing skills, and transcend the framework and create you're own truly unique stories. I'm not jabbing at your writing, you're a fantastic writer. I'm just merely pointing out what I think FimFiction is actually about. (You rock :pinkiehappy:)

Then, there is the path where you enjoy the framework all the same, and use it as your writing medium. Continuing to write Fan Fiction. There is nothing wrong with this, if you can engage people. Fan Fiction allows us to examine literary concepts through a prism of ideas. As well as exploring existing characters and concepts that interest people.

I feel like you should do what you feel is best for you. Whatever decision you make, lets us/me know for sure. You writing style and story concepts are entertaining and interesting! I'd love to see you do anything, so long as you keep writing!

I want the final decision to be your's, but I would love for you to continue writing fanfiction, as you have talent. Do what you feel is right, and either way, I wish you luck.

:'( Guess the answer is obvious then:fluttercry:

Hope you have an accomplished career as a writer May you never lose sight of your goals there just over the castle on the hill, Beneath all the concrete, In a place where you find best a place you can call Hopes and dreams

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