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This story is the sequel to "For the New Lunar Republic" by Moxypony.

Six years have passed since the end of the Lunar War and it is a turbulent time in Equestria. Support for the Lunar Republic, so strong after the fall of the Solar Empire has begun to wane as reports of violence from supposed gang members begin to skyrocket.
Moxi, Director of Prime Minister Luna's secret service is one of a very small number of ponies who know the truth of what is happening and has dedicated her existence to eradicating the scattered insurgents of the Cult of Wrath in Equestria and beyond...

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Moxi, Voltage X, and a host of their friends from Luneria are invited to attend the grand pony prom in Canterlot!

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Moxi is a pegasus pony forced to leave her small town home in order to spend her life with her beloved Chillwind in Manehattan, but things turn ugly when Cloudsdale decides to secede from the Holy Solar Empire, Moxi joins the fight for the New Lunar Republic in an attempt to learn the truth behind the fate of her missing love...

(Contains references to Sweet Dreams, Luna by Dreamcatcher174. Dreamcatcher and Melody are property of Dreamcatcher174. Radiant Sol is property of SirRadiantSol. Cheshire Grin is property of X-tatik)

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