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Maybe Back, Maybe Not · 9:44am Nov 17th, 2012

Hello everyone, (there's a tl;dr at the bottom, but please read!)

I'm not sure how many of you will actually read this, but I'm sure that if any of you have been truly waiting for my return to the literary word, you'll be interested to hear from me, and if not, it makes the point of writing this rather moot.

I have very recently begun to break out of my spell of writer's block and have, as a result, begun writing again.

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Commissions? · 12:06pm Aug 8th, 2012

Hi everypony! I'm gonna start off by saying how sorry I am that I haven't been able to update anything lately!

Unfortunately, as I've been out of work for several months, I'm in a bit of a financial pickle at the moment and as a result I'm trying to think of ways I could make some money.

They always say do what you're best at, and what I'm best at is writing!

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Audiobook Continued! · 10:30pm Jun 22nd, 2012

Chapter 2 of the FtNLR audiobook is up, if you would prefer to listen rather than read, here's the link

Chapter 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0f3D34iX8no&feature=plcp

Chapter 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INANpb46RyI&feature=plcp

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!!!! IF YOU'RE READING PONY PROM, PLEASE READ !!!! · 8:35am May 28th, 2012

Due to an issue regarding the presentation of one of the characters being used in this story, some revisions have been made necessary. If you wish to get the full and proper story, please reread chapter 3 before continuing on to chapter 5. Thank you, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

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FtNLR Audiobook! · 11:58am Apr 17th, 2012

As suggested by DeviantArt's Creshosk, I have attempted to record For the New Lunar Republic as an audiobook and chapter one is now up on youtube!


The more positive feedback I receive on this, the more likely I am to continue doing it (and the more quickly I'll do it) so if you want to see more, let me know!

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It's been a long time · 1:47pm Jan 28th, 2012

Man, it's been a long time since I've written anything...

I feel I owe you all an explanation.

I haven't updated the story in over a month because every time I've tried to write anything I've either been unable to get a single word out or I've produced crap.

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Writer's block is a b*tch! · 10:08am Nov 19th, 2011

Aaaaargh! I haven't been able to write anything in weeks! Sorry it's taking so long to get the next chapter out!

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My Return from Exile · 12:09pm Oct 29th, 2011

So my return from exile is marked by the discovery that FiMfiction has added a bunch of new features, including this new blog thingie! I'll see about using it when I'm not writing to keep anypony who's interested informed about what's going on behind the scenes.

(Though I already did a joke piece on just that! http://moxypony.deviantart.com/gallery/32354651#/d481g3k )

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