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  • 16 weeks
    Absolutely unproductive today

    Spent the whole afternoon napping in a hammock.

    I need a longer spring break...

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  • 17 weeks
    While it's still St. Patrick's day...

    Don't know about you, but I've already chomped down on some corned beef and enjoyed a cold Guinness.

    Now's time for some tunes:

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  • 17 weeks
    In all this madness, let us not forget...

    ... today is PI DAY!
    Happy 3.14!

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  • 17 weeks
    Spring Break!

    Well, almost... I still have Friday's class before I'm officially on break.

    But, because of Caronovirus going around, we're not coming back 'till April 4th.

    That means an extra two weeks of break!

    Well, not really. Classes are being moved to online in the meantime.

    But, I'm given an extra 14 days I don't need to show up on campus.

    What am I gonna do with all my extra time?!

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  • 19 weeks
    I'm a good student, I swear!

    Me preparing for my midterm tomorrow: I'm gonna stay focused and on-point.
    No distractions, only study :twilightangry2:

    Also Me: I don't wanna study!! :raritycry:

    This is gonna be a long night.. .

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Carol of the Day: Dec 22nd · 1:44am Dec 23rd, 2019

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