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Three Entirely Explicit Pony Dreams · 4:43am Dec 18th, 2019

If you don't like explicit things, then don't read them; So basically, warning: mature.

1: Was following someone. I do not know for what reason. They just seemed strange. Then it happened. Peeking from behind a doorway I saw him do, something, and he was suddenly transforming into a very very obvious and extremely well-equipped earth pony stallion. For some reason, I saw this from every. single. possible. angle. At the same time. That was it though. Flat ended that way when he..'finished'. It veritably climaxed at the height of transforming if you will..

2: I was in another strange shop that sold odd things at extremely weird prices so the whole place was weird. I bought an unusual drink and some kind of candy or chips with an odd name or something. Walking back to my room drinking it, I started feeling really unusual. Then I saw myself turning into a pink..and female Breezie. My own forming pink..private parts as well. That was quite odd and very detailed about that personal region.. that flat ended as well right there precisely as I finished shrinking down to size during. Haha. Also seeing the world scale up like that was just as neat as seeing it scale down going up to being a macro. So I have seen it from both perspectives now and both are honestly very cool to experience first..hoof?

3: The big one. I met Big Mac and (adult Scootaloo and Apple Bloom who was wearing an even larger bow?..) on top of an I guess long way up on a hill or cliff or something top, I really only interacted with him though and the most rather over the top thing happened. Well uh..ahem. I was an earth pony myself, a stallion I noticed. He said something I'm not 100% sure what it was for some reason, but I think it was like 'Are ya sure? Here it is!' Then he showed this potion bottle with a really highly unusual liquid something in it and a label saying 'Equis Orgasmis' or somesuch. Before I could react he shoved the bottle in my..muzzle and I swallowed the entirety of, whatever was in the potion..holy jeese..so..now this only happened in dream but..it did get me going..and going..and going.. setting me off basically into a half-hour unending single orgasm for like half an hour realtime I would say...but then he came back -before- that one stopped and said something like 'Well thats not enough!' and I was like 'wait!' but he stuffed another bottle of it in my muzzle so it kept going LONGER until a whole hour had passed..(this all felt totally real..) So I basically had the worlds longest orgasm as a pony. Further odd part, I woke up after that -completely exhausted-. So like wow jeese..umm..thanks guy? Hehehe.

Thus ends these highly unusual dreams. Hope you found them intrigueing

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Comments ( 25 )

those were some uh, interesting dreams

They most surely were. Haha

Not sure. Sometimes they were...weird. Like, for whatever reason, I once had a dream where other people had cans of soup for heads...I'm not kidding. Everything else was the same, but they had cans of soup for heads...

Yeah. I can’t explain that one

I sure hope not. Tehehe

The soup company?

I had to send a complaint into them once. I'd bought one of those cans of soup to share with my little niece at the time and found a sort of melty chicken-bone in it. If she'd eaten it she could have choked. So they sent me a ton of coupons and an apology and a promise to check into their processes. Hehe

Glad they handled it well. Always like to see a company act responsibly

It can be rare in certain cases, but it shows they know what they're doing and can have a certain level of trust

I've been a PC specialist for like twenty years, so I have heard some industry stories. Some of them are beyond ludicrous and into the realms of utterly unbelievable what some people and companies will actually do.

I can only imagine, it would probably be utterly disgusting

You would be correct! Hehehe

I can but agree with that sentiment unfortunately

We have our golden hearted few, then we have the dregs of humanity, and we have the rest in between; it's just impressive when we see either on the truly mind boggling side

I like to imagine most people at least try to be on the good side of things

As do I, the effort is at least nice to see

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