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  • Saturday
    Day of healing

    Alright Rainbow you have been literally attached to my chest the whole day it’s time to let go I would really like to go to the bathroom without you

    I don’t wanna your so warm~

    *sigh* look I love spending time with ya but you don’t have to do it like this

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  • Friday

    *pinkie and fallout were sleeping in bed on a dark and stormy night before they were woken up by a pounding on the door*

    mmm~ go see who it is I don’t wanna get up

    * Grumbles and gets out of bed shuffling to the door and opens it*

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  • Thursday

    Thanks again for watching them fluttershy

    yes we owe you

    oh it’s no problem at all

    we just need some time with fallout but they keep interrupting us

    I didn’t mind

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  • Wednesday
    The heat

    I hate this heat!

    just don’t think about it

    That’s Easy for you to say

    here help me mix this and I’ll make us some strawberry lemonade!

    Alright deal

    * Gives him the bowl and kisses him before bouncing inside*

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  • Tuesday
    Discord mess

    *walks in*

    welcome home honey bunny

    Thanks babe.......*looks at her* why do you look like you were in a cupcake tornado

    *licks off some icing* welllll~ Discord came by the shop and you know how he gets

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Don’t worry I’m alive! · 7:12pm Dec 2nd, 2019

Sorry for taking so long but I had things to do and.....well.....

A big ass pink pony won’t let me leave

come on honey bunny I wanna see you

No! You’ll kill me at that size get back to normal

awww but it’s fun being this big

Pinkie your scaring people

fine but I’m so gonna kiss the heck outta you when I get in there~

*gulps* be gentle

no promises

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