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Sup. I'm a guy that loves MLP, and also loves dragons. I'm an artist and studying to be an animator... but writing fics is still pretty fun. Not really much else to say.

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RoMPCoMG Original Chapter 1 (It's not very good) · 7:13am Nov 30th, 2019

Welp, I promised a link to the cruddy original, and here it is. Hope you guys enjoy rubbing your eyes all over this garbage!

Princess Celestia sits silently on a pillow in her room, lost in thought as she stares down at her cup of chamomile tea.

It’s the longest day of the thousandth year since Nightmare Moon’s banishment, a day that Celestia’s been preparing for since she first lost her sister. She’s laid out plans, and counter-plans, and backup plans.

The elements are in place, the ponies meant to wield them unknowingly await for the right moment to leap into action, her captain has his orders, and her niece is safe should anything go wrong.

And yet… Celestia herself cannot figure out what action she must take when everything begins.

Does she prepare to let Nightmare Moon banish her? Or does she fight her? If she fights, ponies might be caught in the crossfire. Perhaps if Celestia struck first? Or maybe choose a location to fight on and draw her there? What if she hides? If Nightmare Moon can’t find her, it’ll buy her little ponies time as they search for the Elements. But then she might choose to draw Celestia out by threatening her subjects. Or she might just hurt them in anger. If Celestia gives up without a fight, Nightmare Moon might just imprison her. But it’s just as likely that she’ll kill her on sight. Scratch that, she will definitely try to kill Celestia on sight. That look of utter hatred in her eyes and her attacks on that night were too relentless to even consider that she’d let Celestia live.

A rush of fire snaps Celestia out of her thoughts as a letter from her student appears in front of her. She grabs it with her magic and unrolls the scroll to read it.

It’s time to begin.

Celestia plucks a quill and piece of parchment from a stack on one of her desks across from her. She swiftly writes out her reply to Twilight and sends it on its way back to Spike to be delivered.

Twilight and Spike will meet the other element bearers in Ponyville. And then they will find the book on the Elements of Harmony and begin their search. And in the meantime, Celestia will be…

She takes a deep breath and lets it out as a sigh. She lifts her head up to look around her room. Perhaps a distraction will help her rest and clear her mind to make up her mind.

Her eyes wearily move across her walls until they rest upon a sword mounted above her fireplace. It has a light gold tinge to its long, double-edged blade with darker shades accenting the sharp cross-guard and pommel, and a seamless black leather grip wrapped around its hilt.

All in all, the sword looks uplifting in its design. Like it was made to kill the things that crawl out of the shadows.

In the years right after she banished Nightmare Moon, she originally intended to just hold onto it until she could return it to its owner. But something about its design just called to her, and so she tested it out a few times… and then a lot of times… and then from there eventually got into a habit of practicing her swordplay with it.

Many more enemies threatened Equestria over the years after she banished her sister, and every one of was defeated by her while she wielded that blade. With it in her magical grasp, she felt as if she could defeat every foe, any monster, any threat to her kingdom and her ponies. With that blade, she felt unbeatable.

And it is for that exact reason that makes her hesitant to fight her sister when she returns. Because she’ll feel tempted to use it in the fight. And if Celestia wins, then Luna might…

Celestia shakes her head.

No, don’t think about that. It won’t come to that. Twilight will find the Elements and save Luna.

Celestia looks back at the sword on the wall and decides that she will fight if it comes to it… and hope that Luna doesn’t force her hoof.

Far away from Canterlot where Celestia is sitting in her room; the moon rests just below the horizon, unseen by the ponies of Equestria until its time to rise comes.

However, if anypony were able to see it, they would see a faint flash of light glimmer across the surface, almost like the moon is doing it to be even more beautiful than normal.

Astronomers have puzzled over this strange occurrence for countless centuries, and can’t ever seem to agree on a sound theory for why this happens. The theories range from special reflective rocks being scattered across its surface to aliens signaling down to the planet a type of message.

They are all wrong.

On the moon’s surface, two figures stand dozens of meters away from each other, each of them gasping out breaths, and each of them heavily injured.

The first figure is a black alicorn mare with an ethereal mane and tail, turquoise cat-slit eyes, and wearing battered and damaged blue armor. The feathers of her wings are tattered and burnt, along with several sections of her coat, her armor having several char marks and other types of abuse in plain sight. She’s glaring at the other figure even as her legs tremble from the effort of standing.

The other figure is a male quadrupedal dragon, with black scales, yellow patterns over his body, wings with yellow membranes, a long tail, and amber eyes. He has several scorch marks and gashes across his body, red glows covering most of his injuries, as some kind of energy seems to be working to heal him. His fatigue seems to match the exhaustion of the black alicorn he’s facing.

They continue to watch each other as they catch their breath. Muscles tensed to explode into action at the slightest movement out of place from the other.

Turquoise and amber eyes sharpen simultaneously and the two combatants suddenly rocket towards each other with a single flap from each of their wings, lightning surging off of the mare’s feathers and a crimson contrail trailing behind the dragon’s wing membranes.

The resulting flash from their powers colliding can be seen as another mysterious glimmer on the moon’s surface

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Compared to the new one, it's not. Thanks though.

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