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Sup. I'm a guy that loves MLP, and also loves dragons. I'm an artist and studying to be an animator... but writing fics is still pretty fun. Not really much else to say.

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Put a picture of RWBY moon from roosterteeth

This is entertaining, Keep going.

Nice artwork, very fitting. And so far this story is interesting, keep going.

You know reading this chapter I just can't help but think of Team Four Star's Abridged Vegeta scream of Fury

Your grammar and spelling can be a bit annoying but it's a good start.

If it's annoying you, can you point out where? I don't want to annoy people too much with bad grammar.

7874821 if you read often you can learn to correct your mistakes more easily.
The more you learn from finding your own mistakes, review a bit more and you'll see the difference it makes.
Ps sorry if I seem like an ass hole...

Oh, trust me, I read plenty. I'm not trying to make this seem like a genuine novel, I'm just trying to have fun writing it. I'm just asking if you can point out anything specific that bothers you, because it might bother other people as well and I would like to fix anything that might be wrong. One person can't perfectly edit their work all the time, so that's why I like to ask others about what bothers them about my work so that I can catch anything I missed.

Also, if you really want to talk about spelling and grammar. Asshole is one word, not two, and you bringing up your complaints in a reasonable and informative comment so that I may improve does not make you either.

Where is 'Baelor' from? I know he a dragon and can use fear to self-heal but other then that I'm at a lost :rainbowhuh:

He's an OC. The only reason this story has the Crossover tag is because the first time I submitted this story for moderation, it got denied because it didn't have a Crossover tag but was also a displaced story.

So from now on, I'm just gonna say the Crossover tag is for crossovers with other Displaced stories. Nothing else in this is based on a previous media though. (Other than MLP, obviously.)

7877117 I find this fic to be absolutely hilarious

7877117 Haven't seen a description yet so I'mma just imagine he looks like dragonkin from runescape lol

I did include a description in the first chapter, it was short and kind of simple. Black, yellow patterns/stripes, amber eyes, stands on four legs, wings. He's a dragon, not much else to tell about him since they don't wear clothes or any other identifying feature.

7877539 whoops, sorry lol
I read this over a couple days between a number of other stories :derpytongue2:

Ohhhhh I liky I liky.

Can not wait for Luna reaction to the moon.

You mean, what Luna will think of it after she's cleansed? Yeah, still working on how to write that.

On what? Writing the story, or this specific chapter? Or something different perhaps?


7885128 Yes I can see the future. fear my power!!!!

I never liked Rainbows canon "trial of loyalty". I like this better

I kind of didn't like the idea that all the powerful unicorns/alicorns in the show only use magic beams when fighting someone. When Twilight fight's Tirek, magic beams. Nightmare Moon attacks Celestia, magic beams. Main six vs Changelings, gatling magic beams. Twilight and Cadence vs the Tatslworm, magic beam., Celestia vs Chrysalis, magic beam that fails against love beam.

It's all so damn uncreative. Luna and Celestia have had over a thousand years to learn and refine their magic technique, and also possess the magic of all three tribes. I wanted to expand on their potential for combat with this, and since NMM blasted those guards with lightning in the season 1 premier, I figured I would make Luna's forte be pegasi magic. And that also led to the question of if she would see potential to pass down her knowledge to another pegasus with strong magic, such as Rainbow.

I'm planning on bringing this up later.

7894201 i can see that... going to use that for my own displaced story

Just so long as you don't steal my story completely, go right ahead.

7894639 hehe, dont worry. None of the come close to this

This is marked as a displaced fic, but so far you haven't hit *any* of the tropes that i *hate* about most of the displaced fics out there. That, and this is *so* much better written then so many of the displaced fics. all in all, I'm am entertained. Keep it up.

If the crossovers are one of the things that you hate, then sorry, this one is going to have a few of them. Kinda required for it to be considered "Displaced" than just HiE. But thank you for liking it! :pinkiehappy:

Damn Rainbow...beast much?

Rainbow's element is Loyalty. Nightmare Moon is threatening the entire world with eternal night, which will end in planetary extinction. Rainbow is willing to do anything to keep her friends safe, even if that means going up against insurmountable odds. Like when she went in and kicked the dragon that was causing smoke to collect over Ponyville, or when she performed the Sonic Rainboom to save Rarity and the Wonderbolts. When her friends are in danger, she will grit her teeth and push farther and harder than any other time she's tried before, regardless of whether she stands a chance of succeeding or not. She only stopped fighting back once NMM literally shoved that determination back with pure fear and killing intent.

Bael is very much a pushover... Or perhaps he doesn't care.

Nah, he just doesn't feel very confrontational after having to fight for over a thousand years. Don't believe those fics that talk about "unrelenting anger and want for vengeance" because anger and frustration drain you like you wouldn't believe. Sometimes, people just want the negativity to end, and aren't keen on starting it back up again, even if it's in small things like taking little teasing jabs with no complaint.

No like because its 69 lieks :(

7875545 if only more people gave criticism like you.

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