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I have been watching the show since 2012, following the fandom for just as long and I am now wanting to add what I have to it.

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The Last Problem: A Opinion Piece · 3:09pm Nov 7th, 2019

The Last Problem upset me.
Let me explain. First off, I love the episode as a whole. It was a great way to end off the series. I thought it was awesome that they showed where the characters were ‘many moons later’. I liked seeing Celestia size Twilight, bulked up Spike and the older versions of the rest of the main characters. I was pleasantly surprised seeing Pinkie with her child. (I’ve read that two of the creators referred to the child as both son and daughter, leaving me to conclude it’s up for interpretation. For my part, Pinkie has a son.) Rarity as a successful business owner, Fluttershy and Discord, and the heavily implied Applejack/Rainbow Dash coupling.
But the highlight is and will always be, Sunset Shimmer’s cameo appearance at the very end of the episode. If you didn’t see it, watch closely during Twilight’s moment of the song, when she descends and reveals characters from the show behind her. If you look by her head, partly obscured is Sunset Shimmer. I’ve heard some fans like these kinds of nods towards the EQG series, like the Sirens from season seven, but also those that didn’t want anything EQG related anywhere near the show.
I fall under the former. Like MLP, I was sceptical about EQG when it first came out. It wasn’t until Rainbow Rocks that I fell in love with the spin off. Especially Sunset Shimmer. She has become my most favourite character the My Little Pony brand has ever created and shall forever hold a place in my heart.
But, I digress.
That cameo, as quick and obscure as it was, is what I wanted from the moment she became my favourite character. An acknowledgement of her existence, and I got it right at the very end and for that I am content with how the series ended.

So, why am I upset?
It comes down to two choices the staff made that I don’t like. I’m not saying they were right or wrong. I’m not criticizing their reasoning for these choices, nor am I out right offended by them. Just because I don’t like or agree with the choices, doesn’t mean I don’t respect said choices or those that made them. This is MY opinion on how I feel about those choices.
Nothing more. Nothing less.
Agree. Disagree. Love it. Hate it.
It’s up to you as an individual to decide.
Writing a declaimer like this indicates how scare of the internet I currently am.
Any who.
The first choice I, not only disliked but also disagree with, is the ‘problem’ the title implies. Twilight moving away from Ponyville, and her friends, back to Canterlot. This upset me during my third viewing. The last episode to do that was the Starlight episode Every Little Thing She Says. And that one Really upset me.
I grew up in a military family, the youngest of three boys, with a father who was serving the country during my childhood. For those of you that don’t know, soldiers are often posted in many different military bases throughout their service and my dad served for over twenty years. As a result, my family would move with him to those many bases. Every. Single. Time.
Growing up in that why conditioned me to associate moving with ‘the end’. The end of friendships, the end of associating a building as a home, the end of feeling secure in any one place. Because I was the youngest, this ‘pick up and move’ mentality became my norm. So much so that when a city I was living in at the time, suffered a huge natural disaster, resulting in a city wide evacuation…I was fine with it. (The evacuation, not the disaster) To me, aside from the disaster happening, it was just par for the course.
I remember asking my mother if we had ever moved because of an evacuation order, which she told me no, we hadn’t.
Until that moment.
The reason I bring up my experiences regarding moving is to really drive home the fact that I can absolutely relate with Twilight in this situation. In more ways then one, now that I think about it. (RIP Golden Oaks Library) Moving away from what you’ve known for so long is hard on everyone, even those that don’t show it. That’s not what upsets me.
What Upsets Me is the way they all reacted, knowing Full Well, that Twilight has no less then THREE ways of reaching them in a matter of SECONDS!
First, her wings. It has been shown multiple times how quickly she can cover that distance. The season four premier, still learning to fly, she and Spike raced off from Canterlot to Ponyville in a matter of seconds. Even if you take into account the reason being ‘run time’, if you look at the distance between Canterlot and Ponyville, and I’m confident someone has, and measured the distance between them, the most it would take a flying pony to reach the town would be thirty minutes. If they were taking their time!
Compare that to the real world and that’s no different from running down to a friends house in the next neighbourhood.
Second, her letters. It’s no secret that the Alicorns posses the magical ability to send letters through Spike. So, it’s possible Twilight could make a spell that alters his ability to send to anypony. I’ll admit, this one is a stretch but still can be a possibility. Being the equivalent of email. Dmail. Plus, with more dragons mingling with ponies at the end of it, who’s to say other dragons could do the same? Receive letter and deliver them to her friends. Just imagine, ‘The future for dragons in Equestria? Mail dispenses. Poor Derpy would be out of the job.
Any who.
And third, the most infuriating one. She. Can. TELEPORT! Literally at the season 9 premiere, she and her friends were standing at the edge of Ponyville. Tired as she was from spending hours holding back the Everfree Forest, she still managed to teleport all six of them to the gates of the city. A feat that is supported in A Royal Problem, where she teleport right to Celestia’s balcony.
Imagine how far she could go alone? Or at least with Spike.
The only Real problem I could see happening is their all too busy with their lives, their friendship will have to change to compensate, they can’t do the things they used to do, etc.
I understand all that baggage. The point I’m trying to make is, they have plenty of ways to keep in touch.
I didn’t.
It wasn’t until I was a teenager that cell phones and email were becoming common to everyone. Growing up, the only way I could keep in touch was calling them or snail mail. But, even then, whatever friendships I had kept I touch with, they never lasted. And now, I find it really hard to build and maintain friendships.
Plus, the whole rushed coronation thing was a bit much, but I still found if fun.
I fully believe that the seven of them were really upset over Twilight moving. I can personally confirm it, even. But I can’t fully believe in the way it was presented, because I know for a fact, one of them should have mentioned at least ONE of the above points.

The second choice also draws form my inexperience with relationships outside of family. The relationship between Applejack and Rainbow Dash.
For the love of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, please, read my reasoning before judging me or jumping to any weird conclusions based ONLY on the sentence above.
That’s all I’m asking.
As I wrote before.
Agree. Disagree. Love it. Hate it.
It’s up to you as an individual.
Just Please read it first.
With that out of the way.
Applejack and Rainbow Dash. First off, Rainbow Dash was my favourite pony when I first started watching the show. In fact, it was her that got me into it in the first place. My first memory of her was when my nephew was watching tv and the show came on. He was three at the time and we only had one channel for him to watch. When it came on I was just about to change it when he made a fuss. Not really paying attention to the tv, I left it on. The episode was The Best Night Ever. I know this, because as the song was starting I noticed my nephew was more interest in his toys then the tv, so I changed it to a music channel.
The moment I changed it, Rainbow was just starting her part. So the last image I saw was Rainbow singing ‘Been dreaming, I’ve been waiting…’
At the time, I didn’t give it much thought. Until I discovered the web show Death Battle. If you didn’t know one of their episodes was G1 Starscream vs G4 Rainbow Dash. When I first saw the thumbnail, I was convinced it was a joke episode. They had made two already, so another one was possible, right? I mean, a tiny flying pony vs a giant robot? That’s a no brainer.
Wasn’t it?
As I watched the episode and got the run down of Rainbow’s abilities, I was blown away by what she could do. I was already growing curious about the show when all of a sudden, an image of a guy with My Little Pony toys appeared, followed by a image that proves how fast Rainbow was going. The point is, I had seen my first image of the brony fandom and of the show.
(Also, for those that don’t know, Derpy makes an appearance during the fight animation. Keep an eye out in the clouds.)
Now, despite all of that, I still wasn’t convinced to watch the show. I had looked up what it was about and about the bronies, but that’s it. Or so I thought. After watching the episode, My Little Pony related videos started to appear on my suggestions. Keep in mind, this was 2012, years after the fandom started so they had full episodes on youtube. I did my best to avoid them until a very curious thumbnail kept popping up. It showed Rainbow lying down, looking at something by her back hooves.
It was Cupcakes.
Yes, my first brony made animation was the infamous Cupcakes. And let me tell you, I hadn’t seen Happy Tree Friends, so watching the video with that up beat music…I had only one thing going through my head.
How in the world did My Little Pony inspire such a video?
Realizing it was futile to escape now, I decided to watch the first few episodes. After the first two episodes I asked myself ‘Self, what could they possible do with and entire season if the opener was this interesting?’ So, I watched the next episode. And the next one. One the next one. Suddenly, another video from the fandom appeared. It was Saberspark’s Ballad of a Brony documentary.
After watching it and having a better understanding of how it got started, I binged the rest of the available episodes and waited for season three, watched and listened as much brony content as I could find, and read the more well known fanfics. Fallout: Equestria, Past Sins, and My Little Dashie.

I hope it’s apparent how much Rainbow Dash means to me. She’s not just a character. Apparently, she’s the one that introduced not only me but others into the show. Her character is inspiring, confident, reckless, but also an embodiment of the Element I hold so dear. Loyalty.
I’ll admit, she has done things in the show that I would not tolerate. That would be down right annoy or even anger me. But it was always her high points that made her the pony I always looked forward to seeing when ever an episode aired, no matter how she was depicted.
My favourite episodes with her are Testing, Testing, 1,2,3, Top Bolt, Sleepless in Ponyville, and Parental Glideance. Sleepless in Ponyville showed her taking Scootaloo under her wing, becoming a ‘sister’ to her had shown us how much she cares for the filly. Parental Glideance Introduced us to her awesome parents! (The kind I would love to be!) While giving us an interesting line that I latched onto since hearing it.
Why did she ask Scootaloo to tell Twilight about her parents, before bring them to the training ground? What ever the reason, it was just another reinforcement of what I had suspected. Which leads me to the other two.
Testing, Testing 1,2,3 really depicted her relationship with Twilight in a more central light. How they like similar things but still argue over them, the differences in learning and studying, but also how…equal they are to each other.
Top Bolt presented them a rather challenging problem where they both had a point in how to address it. And even though they clashed, they still managed to take in what the other was saying and work together to solve the problem.
The frustrating thing is, moments like that one are all over the series. The Daring Do episodes from when Twilight introduces Rainbow to the series to their geek out. Twilight asking what a brave pony like Rainbow Dash would do, and doing it. The Equestria Games training, the dream sequence from A Royal Problem. On and on are little moments where they just…click. In my opinion.
Now, Applejack.
I adore her character. She had some memorable moments and songs and I’m convinced she has a grudge against Discord ever since he made her into a lier. Especially when he messes up royally at the end.
But to my knowledge, Ever single episode that these two share, they are competing. Fall Weather Friends, Castle Sweet Castle, Non-Compete Clause. Every memorable interaction is like this. And to me, they seem more like rivals then partners.
That said, just because I don’t see how a relationship between these two could work, doesn’t mean it can’t.
But, in regards to Twilight…
Earlier, I wrote that they were more equal. Allow me to clarify.
I read a fanfic; (Bare with me. there is a point!) It took place after the season three finale. I forget the title, but it was just Rainbow and Twilight talking about the cutie mark swapping, Twilight’s wings and non canon, in story events. Long story, short. The story really put into light how much those two had in common, even at a young age. They both perform feats as fillies, that many thought was impossible, they both strive to be the best at their chosen field, they won’t shy away from leadership roles while also willing to let others take the lead, and, this may come off as insensitive so, brace yourselves, they both can walk on clouds.
Hear me out.
Before Twilight got her wings, she was able to perform a spell that allowed non pegasi ponies to walk on clouds. Since getting her wings that spell has become redundant for her use. But here’s the thing. Applejack can’t even reach the clouds, let alone walk on them, without help from something, (Ballon or Pedal chopper) or someone. (Unicorn and Cloud walking spell)
If the two had a fight, (or when) Rainbow could just fly to the clouds and Applejack would have to wait until Rainbow came to her or get a third party involved to help her. Now, when Twilight and Rainbow would have a fight, Twilight could easily seek out Rainbow after they calmed down to patch things up.
Now, please understand, I realize full well, these scenarios, and any other I make could be turned around easily. I also understand that any form of disability is no reason to not have a relationship with anybody. People will decide for themselves who they like and want to have a relationship with. That is their choice, and I respect that fact.
As I stated before, I am the least experienced person when it comes to relationships outside of the immediate family, and I can only understand my personal view regarding them. (If only just) Which is why I prefer Rainbow being with Twilight.
Bottom line, I relate with Twilight and I like Rainbow Dash.
I ship it.
Because I ship myself vicariously through Twilight, with Rainbow Dash.
I don’t understand the AppleDash relationship. I might never. At the end of the day though, they’re happy. Their happy together and I’m happy for them. I’m happy for Pinkie Pie’s family, Fluttershy’s relationship with Discord, Rarity’s success, Spike’s advisor role, and Twilight’s new position of leadership.
I’m happy Rainbow Dash introduced me to this wonderful world of magic, and ponies, and friendship as well as the fandom. I regret not doing more within the community then write a couple of fanfics. Maybe, with G5, I’ll be more active in the community. Especially with how long the series has gone on for.
9 seasons. Wow.
Fun Fact, when Rainbow Dash was my favourite character, I would daydream stories about her and Equestria. (I was alone a lot.) Anyway, one of my stories took place in the future, where MLP was so popular it ran for 8 seasons with a 9th one on the way.
That moment you realize you can predict how long a show will last.
Thank you all for taking the time and understanding to read this. I’ve been wanting to tell my story for quite some time, even if no one reads it.
Thank you all for making the last nine years some of the greatest.

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