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I have been watching the show since 2012, following the fandom for just as long and I am now wanting to add what I have to it.

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Shipping Rainbow Dash and Applejack · 4:35am May 13th, 2018

What is so appealing about Rainbow Dash and Applejack shipping?

Hi everyone who decided to read this. I just watched the episode Non-Compete Clause and, I gotta say, watching those two 'compete' was really hard to watch. If anything, it reinforces how much I don't understand how these two can be shipped together. I realize everyone sees things differently from everyone else and while I don't support it, I want to understand it. Every time they share the scene together they're arguing, or competing, or both. Its become such a staple of their characters that even Twilight in the episode addresses it on multiple occasions. How can two characters who spend most of their time arguing ever have a lasting relationship.

I'll admit, I know next to nothing on romance, social interactions, what works in a relationship and what doesn't. Maybe that's a normal relationship dynamic and I'm just to ignorant to grasp it. But when see these two together, in the show, ship fics, wherever, I can't help but see them as apposing forces pushing against each other to show their better. A.K.A. Rivals.

Goku and Vegeta, Naruto and Sasuke, Sora and Riku. These are the characters that come to mind for me when I think of rivals and I could never ship any of them together. It has nothing to do with their gender, I stems from their desires to be the top dog between them. Yes, these characters eventually form a strong bond with each other and become respectful friends, but that competitive spark never goes away.

That's not to say relationships without arguments are the only ones that work. Far from it. But a long lasting relationship, to me, requires compromise between the two. Yes, Rainbow and Applejack do come to those compromises throughout the show, but these two also have another common trait that threatens most relationships. Their both stubborn. Applejack has been shown to stick to her way of doing things all the way from 'Applejack Season' from the first season, to 'Applejacks Day off' in the sixth season. She even had that stubbornness from when she was a filly if 'Where the Apple Lies' is to be believed. And Rainbow Dash is no better. Fall Weather Friends, Tanks for the Memories, Newbie Dash, just to name a few.

I don't mean to highlight their flawed moments out of spite. It's who they are. And that tells me that they would compete over the smallest things. Doing chores; Rainbow would either half ass them or not do them at all leaving Applejack to do them constantly. Going out; while they would know doubt have fun together, picking the activities and agreeing on the winner would be counterproductive. Lovemaking; (its inevitable) I will concede that they would find interesting ways of doing so, but who's to say that won't open a can of worms, knowing these two.

I can't stress how much these are my thoughts on them together. Personally, I ship Rainbow with Twilight and Applejack while Rarity. But that's because I support the 'opposite attract' stereotype. Rainbow Dash and Applejack are far too similar for me to get behind the ship, but that doesn't mean I outright hate the pairing. I've come to realize (thanks mainly to Silver Quills videos) that people ship everyone with everyone within the show. I've found a fanfic that ships King Sombra and Pinkie Pie for crying out loud and it's amazing. (Shadow's Enigma by Note Sketch) Another one ships Sunset Shimmer and Vice Principle Luna and it's one of my favourite reads. (Gunsmoke by Wanderer D)

Bottom line, I want to learn more from the people that do ship them why they think these two act first, think later ponies would work well together. I'd also like to hear what crazy ships you've heard about over the years. Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

Sphantom, fading out.

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