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Are there any stereotypes of being a brony? · 2:46am Oct 16th, 2019

Since I became interested in the show in 2019, I felt like I've missed a lot on what's going on with the fandom and how they deal with such criticism and negativity. Please let me know what some of the stereotypes you've heard. I'm quite curious.

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Comments ( 10 )

I've watched several of them 6-7 months ago.

Eh, haven't noticed any personally. Most I've gotten was a "Are you turning gay?" from my folks. I just ignore it.

Are those folks of yours come from the conservative side of America?

Yeah, let's just say they're not the biggest fans on the subject and leave it at that.

Throw in the fact I'm actually bi, and that's a whole can of worms I wanna stay far away from.

Yeah, that we're all fat gay furry autistic manchildren pedophiles or something. John DeLancie did that documentary on bronies to come to our defense from what I understand, so good on him!

I can assume that those came from the right and/or far-right community of America. Whatever BS they're saying, they're just doing it for publicity, to get attention, and to spread hate and animosity.

Yeah, even my mom asked if I was gay when she saw my Pinkie Pie sticker, haha!

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