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"Cute, adorable, naive, and easily mislead by human nature" Sound like all good reasons to visit Equestria!

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  • 1 week

    If your state/county/city passes legislation banning certain books from school and public libraries, donate those books to public book sharing nooks.

    Donate them to thrift stores.

    Does your food bank have a place to donate books? Donate them there as well.

    Keep sharing books.

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  • 3 weeks
    Goodbye Volcano High

    Release Date Trailer

    I like the visual style. I LOVE the anthro Dinosaur setting.

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  • 3 weeks
    2023 March Madness

    The un-official start of "March Madness" is today. The Atlantic Sun Tournament begins. Tomorrow, three other conference tournaments start.

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  • 5 weeks
    Jimmy Carter is going into hospice.

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  • 8 weeks
    Space! F*ck Yeah!

    A greenish-hued comet called C/2022 E3 (ZTF) is zooming through space at 128,000 miles per hour. The icy ball of rock is passing near Earth for the first time in nearly 50,000 years.

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Feeling emotional · 4:42am Oct 13th, 2019

I think I said it recently, but every December since 2009 had wrecked me. I cratered into depression. December 2015 it came to a head, and it's the closest I came to suicide. I got into the MLP and Furry fandoms, and you all (along with my best buds) got me through into 2016. I then started going to therapy. I can't thank you all enough.

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Latecomers, eh? Well, better late than never. And glad to hear that you're feeling better.

I can't remember what got me into the show first, but I was reading fanfics on Fanfiction.net before I actually watched any of the show.

Good to here your ok now

Also, adding a PSA.

If someone you love is struggling with drug use or drug addiction, do everything you can to help them. Losing anyone to drugs and drug-related crime is a tragic waste.

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