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Someone who doesn't know how to describe herself, is always struggling with debilitating depression, and won't stop hanging onto the hope that happy endings are possible.

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Various bits of Fractured Friendship are available via my Patreon · 11:37am Oct 9th, 2019

The Silver Spoon part of Fractured Friendship is a good solid half of why I'm even writing the story. Silver Spoon doesn't appear in Fractured Friendship yet. She won't until, at least, Chapter Four. If that. Even then it'll probably take a while for the role she's playing to become apparent.

Want all of that spoiled for you? It just so happens that I have a Patreon account.

I'm always a bit wary about pointing people there, because my creative output is kind of shot, so I feel like no one there is getting their money's worth. Don't get me wrong, I need that money (I'd probably be homeless without it) but I also feel bad about not producing content for the people who are paying me (and thus allowing me to stay in my home.)

Anyway, I recently recovered some stuff off the hard drive that used to be my emergency back up computer (I'm currently using "I wouldn't call it a computer, per se" because primary is busted and I no longer have an emergency backup computer) which allowed me to post Silver Spoon's introduction/arrival in Fractured Friendship. So, if you particularly feel signing up to pay me five dollars a month, that exists.

Entirely apart from that, there are, in theory, 11,727 words of Fractured Friendship accessible via my Patreon. (mostly in the form of links to google docs.) That's not nearly as impressive as it sounds. First off, it's all extremely first draftish, second it's sort of a:

I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter.


So . . . yeah. Stuff. I really should overhaul my Patreon page, it was made in a hurry with no expectation anyone would actually choose to give me money, and it reflects that. Given how long it's been since then, it's kind of inexcusable how crap it is.

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