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In honor of Rainbow Rocks 5th Anniversary..... · 1:36am Sep 28th, 2019

I present this blog post featuring 5 sets of The Dazzlings Fan Art along with Bonus Material being the songs that we heard them sing in X3


Adagio Dazzle

Sonata Dusk (Aka My Favorite Dazzling/Siren X3)

Aria Blaze

Bonus Material: Their songs from EG thus far

Battle of the Bands:

Under Our Spell:

Welcome to the Show (along with Rainbooms Battle):

Find the Magic:

Comments ( 3 )

Yeah, I’d be friends with Sonata if she wasn’t evil, unlike the other two, she’s at least likable.

I'm like Adagio some days.

I'd be friends with Aria.

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