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Brony from Nebraska. Also, I can't write worth a damn. My YouTube is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOFePTtAWYjYBdcxYF1LgmA

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  • 8 weeks

    I'm working on the new chapter, but I hit a road block. I no longer have a computer. I won't have one for a few weeks either. The one I've been using is my school one, and now that I've graduated, I've had to return it. I promise it's coming, and I'l see you all then!

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  • 22 weeks
    Hello there...


    ...Anyways, working on something. Hopefully I've gotten better at writing over the last year and a half of being not at all interested in the show. You can thank my friends for reintroducing me to the beautiful work that is Equestria Girls. Keep an eye out for the next chapter of Not Our Sunset II and a side story project!


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  • 68 weeks
    What I've Been Doing

    Hey guys,

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  • 72 weeks
    Why Am I Still Here?

    I honestly don’t know. I haven’t done anything show related since it ended and I know I’m to busy to read stories, yet I always come back. I should be focusing on my first album, yet I come back and I continuously read. I don’t know, and the thought of why is bugging me. Anyways, I guess I’ll stay. Might look into other fan content. Anyways, I’m back, but I nevet really left.

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  • 77 weeks

    I haven't been online for a while. This is mainly due to the fact that I've lost most interest in the show and fandom. Not Our Sunset II and You and I will be put on hiatus for an unknown amount of time. If I do return, it will most likely be for a short period of time, as I have no willingness to return.

    Thank you all,


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Not Our Sunset's Ending · 4:03pm Sep 18th, 2019

I feel like I owe this to everyone, so here we go. When I started Not Our Sunset, I already had a pretty bad reputation of stories, and even avoided most of my usual writing styles. I did it cause I can't stand too much judgement. I know I sound weak, but if you look at my account you might notice things are missing. I've taken down a bunch of stories because I didn't like the way they ended and I didn't like the criticism. So when I started not Our Sunset, it took me like a week before I could post the first chapter. I was nervous. When I finally posted it and saw all the likes, views and reviews, I relaxed a bit and my writing started falling apart again. I'm still only trying to learn to pace out my stories, but I'm always moving so fast in and out of my head I tend to rush things. It didn't help that my mother had this belief that you shouldn't forget the past, but forgive it. I'm sorry if you guys didn't like the ending, but bear with me, please? I'm already working on a sequel. When it's out, I'll slow things down and make sure it's more enjoyable than Not Our Sunset.


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You know what they say about practice.

It makes progress? No such thing as perfect! :pinkiehappy:

Yay! Something to read during my lunch break!

Hey whatever works for you, go with it.

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