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    A few weeks back, I posted a blog about how a family member of mine (my mother, as I will now reveal) was suffering from a strange disorder the doctors couldn't figure out. Well, as the title should indicate, we've discovered what the problem was.

    Uterine Cancer, Stage Three.

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"Endings" Accessibility and Other News · 4:50pm Aug 12th, 2019

Hey all! I just got back from the final BronyCon after a week-long sabbatical from life. I've got some things I want to say now just so anybody interested won't be left in the dark.

The first is about "Endings". Some people showed interest in the book after it was shown at the BronyCon Bookstore, but I need to work out some kinks with the selling process on Lulu before I make it available. It actually sold out at BronyCon (save the display copy), so I'm taking this opportunity to make sure the process is as easy as possible.

I also wanted to say that I will be doing some blogs about my experience at BronyCon and the week afterwards. There were some mixed feelings about these periods, and I feel I need to verbalize them to some degree.

Stay tuned, and thanks for watching!

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