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    Edit: In the Absence of Twilight Sparkle Chapter

    Just wanted to let you know I made a mistake on the most recent chapter of ItAoTS. I erroneously described Dr. Twilight's lab as being on the ground floor of the Magic School, while its actual location is the second floor. This is kinda a big detail to just switch around. It's fixed

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Super Mario Maker 2 - MyHobby Edition · 10:05pm Jun 29th, 2019

I got myself a copy of Super Mario Maker 2 mostly so that I can play levels other people have made, because folks are dang creative. However, I've spent the day making a level.

I've spent the better part of it just trying to clear it. :facehoof:

It's not a stupid-hard level, it's just a tough platforming challenge. Sooooooo if any of my followers wanna see what a MyHobby-designed level looks like, feel free to give it a whirl!

Level: Thwomp's Pet Snake Block
ID: 7LD-C93-1PF

If you play it, let me know. It's not a professional level, I know, but it might be fun to see reactions... :pinkiehappy:

Comments ( 3 )

Ugh, I want to play this game so badly but I don't have a Switch :applecry:

But I can say whenever I do scrounge together the money for one I'll give your level a go!

I don't have it yet. I hope its going to be on sale through amazon prime's sale day, and see if I can get it that way.

Maybe once I finish Cadence of Hyrule. (Which thanks to this site I always type as "Cadance.")

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