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Great writing advice and a plug · 12:21am Jun 23rd, 2019

Heya readers!

You might have noticed I'm offering a bit more writing advice in the form of answering questions given to me!

Well, I didn't get one! However, Heartshine, lover of the pony based wasteland apocalypse and bunnies, has a wonderful blog post that everyone who is an active writer should consume voraciously !

She also has a Patreon! And a Discord to bug her on (check out her user page for deats).

I also have a Patreon! Joining which would give you easy Discord access to talk to me and potentially Heartshine and a bunch of other wacky pony writers. There's also ample fun and weirdness to be had for those that enjoy such things, and if you don't, I can only guess your my FBI handler sent to spy on me.


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