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    For Those Interested in Classic Who: The Collection

    Yet another reference guide for those interested in getting into Classic Doctor Who. This time, I have more information on The Collection, and I wanted to share.

    The Collection

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    A Guide to Classic Who Audiobooks and Collections

    Classic Who audiobooks. These are a vital element of the fandom. Put out by the BBC, these are readings of the novelizations, mixed in with a few sound effects and little bits of music. Often read by Doctor Who actors, they are always a high quality production.

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    A Guide to Classic Who Target Novelizations, and More

    Target Novelizations. Yes, you read that right. Starting in 1973, Target Books began publishing novelizations of Classic Who serials, and continued to do so into the 1990s.

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    A Guide to Classic Who: What To Expect If You Don't Know Anything

    Yet another impulse post. But, hey, reading over old comments got me thinking. There are probably plenty of people here that aren’t very familiar with the classic Doctor Who series, and I might as well write something to give people an idea what to expect, and put it in a place where they don’t have to go through the comments on Aces High to learn (though I certainly wouldn’t mind new

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  • 7 weeks
    Aces High Chapter 6 Out Tomorrow

    Yeah, it’s that time again. After a VERY long time--I don’t like to think about it--I have another chapter ready. This one took a long time because I’ve had a LOT of big life stuff over the last few months, this chapter was difficult for personal reasons, and I had a lot of backstory stuff to work out, because it was about time to do that.

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ATOTS Book 1, Updated, Moving Forward, and Other Important Announcements · 3:45pm Jun 19th, 2019

Hi everyone. I updated A Tale of Two Suns, which you may notice is now "Book 1". It didn't show up on the front page like I thought it would. I guess that's because I simply re-published chapter 15.

But, yes, I turned the thing into "Book 1". It was the best solution I could think of. Now, if you look at the story, you will notice some changes beyond chapter 15. These are:

1. The final scene of chapter 11 has been removed and replaced with a new one.

2. The title of chapter 13 has been altered

3. The final scene of chapter 13 has been removed.

4. Several scenes from the original version of chapter 15 have been removed, and a new final scene has been added.

If you liked those original scenes and are upset at their removal, don't worry. They haven't been permanently deleted. I am simply shuffling them into "Book 2", which I plan to post either tomorrow or Saturday at the earliest. The new scenes I added were meant to bridge some gaps between the two books. I can only hope this works out better for my readers.

I never thought I'd see the end of this story so soon, though I suppose it's not really "the end", since there's a Book 2. But here's to another good story to follow.

Now, onto other important announcements. Head's up: I'm getting personal here.


I have created a Ko-Fi account. For those that don't know what Ko-Fi is, it's sort of like Patreon, except you don't sign up for monthly donations (though there is a subscription option available for Ko-Fi Gold, or something like that). It's a one time donation thing that goes in intervals of $3.

I'm physically disabled. Besides my ADHD, I was born with a mild case of cerebral palsy. It's not like I can't walk or anything, but my muscles are weak and always will be, and certain things are a problem for me. I can't walk certain distances that other people would be able to without getting worn down, I prefer sitting to standing, my hands tire easily with writing, so on and so on. It's not the most overt problem, but it does affect me in a multitude of ways.

I can't drive, or at least I don't think I can. I was meant to be evaluated, but it didn't happen. Long story. I really don't think I can, though, because I doubt I'd be able to work the pedals for very long without getting sore. But I also live in a place where public transit is terrible, and to go anywhere, I need someone to drive me, like a friend, a taxi or Uber and the like. I've had to take several taxis over the last few months.

And yet despite this, I'm also taking care of my mother. She's basically incapable of living by herself, and needs a live-in assistant to help with various tasks, mostly bending down and picking up, cleaning and going into stores for groceries, because she's far more disabled than I am.

You're probably wondering why I'm saying all of this, and it's because I want you guys to know that this, writing fan fiction, is all that I really do. Others do this as a hobby or a side thing, but I don't. Normal employment has eluded me thanks to mobility problems, and writing is the one thing I seem to be good at, so I've finally decided to make money off of it, if just a little bit.

I'm intending to create a Patreon account in the near future. I have no idea how I'd structure it and all that, but I'll be working that out. In the meantime, the Ko-Fi account is there, and will still be there if/when I create a Patreon account for those that would like to donate but don't want to sign up for regular donations.

If you've liked my work so far and feel comfortable donating, please do. I'm not expecting a lot here, guys. I know that, and you shouldn't feel obligated to donate a lot at once. I'm just creating this account to help take the edge off of some things.

Thank you

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