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If I cold begin to be half of what you think of me I could do about anything I could even learn how to love like you.

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  • 4 weeks
    Hearth's Warming Eve

    It's almost time for HWE.

    Even if I'm not very active in mlp anymore, I still like to call Christmas Hearth's Warming. Its just fun

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  • 7 weeks

    Hey. Letting yall know im still alive. Haven't tried anything drastic. Yet.

    I got fired last month, and I havent found anything else. I've been writing my helluva boss stories lately. I'm not sure if I'll ever be into mlp again. I dont want to leave everything unfinished like this.

    I hope I wont...

    so yeah, just wanted to update ya'll.

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  • 18 weeks
    Helluva Boss Update

    Season two episode one of Helluva Boss was fucking amazing.

    And I have three stories going now.

    I just posted chapter 39 of Unexpected Development earlier today.

    My second story is called The Immediate Murder Professionals, and its currently on chapter six.

    My newest one, Showtime, is only on chapter one.


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  • 22 weeks
    The Immediate Murder Professionals

    The first chapter of my new story, the Immediate Murder Professionals. My partner gave me the simple yet powerful idea of. "What if Stolitz wasn't toxic from the start"

    So I made this, after finially watchingthe rest of the show.

    Hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it.


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  • 24 weeks
    Unexpected Development Chapter Thirty Five


    This is by far my longest chapter so far. It's fifteen pages of chapter. It took awhile but I think it was worth the wait!

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FINALLY · 9:05pm Jun 17th, 2019

I'm FINALLY finished with the next chapter of of Thank You Mistress! MAN that took a lot longer than I thought it would. I'm going to edit it with my recently promoted to Co Writer friend 'The Lurker'. I sent him the finished product of our 5000+ word behemoth a few minutes ago and now I'm awaiting a response from him. Once it's edited I can FINALLY release this baby!

Report Ablegabriel · 202 views · Story: Thank You, Mistress · #Finally!
Comments ( 2 )

I've been looking forward to it.:twilightsmile:

its most likely going to be released tomorrow but im glad your looking forward to it.

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