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Lux Grand opening (Patreon thing) · 5:53pm Jun 5th, 2019

Hey readers!

So, the attentive might have noticed I'm going through something of a renaissance. Nowhere is this more pronounced than my Discord server. This is also where many of my Patreon rewards tie in. My very quick pitch is that if you're looking for an open-minded online community with a mindset of letting people be themselves so long as they're not being too abrasive, I've got a place for you for the measly price of $1 a month.

It's also the best avenue to reach out to me and get a fast response. You might be asking yourself why I don't just offer this for free and most of that answer has to do with how much time I can afford between my other obligations and hobbies. Not to mention the GOOD services with Discord aren't exactly free and I also support a handful of fandom community pages and artist.

There are rewards offered similar to those I've offered before, but with new stuff being worked out/on the way. If you're or think you'd be interested, I encourage you to ask questions below or even just take the plunge into Hell.

You might find you like it there.


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