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Sometimes you lose yourself in your own narcissism. That's when you find out you might be the bad guy.

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  • 1 week
    Going to be going back to work soon

    Got an update on my work, its opening up soon and so I won't be here as much. Still be here a lot but I will have to take a bit to acclimate once again to balancing work and fun while not becoming a hermit- though that is partially a joke.

    Still will be nice to be back to work since about 3-4 months of doing not much besides just writing to stay focused.

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  • 2 weeks
    Working on next chapter

    Took break from writing it. But i'm back now and nearly 1k words into it so its coming at some point.

    Feels weird coming back. Had to take time off cause it got rather exhausting to write, but everything's mostly back to normal on my end.

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  • 3 weeks
    LC chapter 2 released

    Took slightly longer than anticipated since I wanted to finish it yesterday but since the site was down, I couldn't.

    But its done now. Went to a weird place. But the ending point is the same- they are off the ship and into the wilderness.

    How nice.

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  • 4 weeks
    Getting close to release chapter 2

    Probably a week or two. Didn't have a lot of time this week due to my niece's birthday. Was good, but like writing took a back seat.

    Also I guess my work is opening up soon so like that's going to be odd. When I do start working again that will definitely affect my writing schedule.

    Weird chapter, but hey, I wanted to show off how my Chrysalis is different lol.

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  • 4 weeks
    Took a break for today, Uncharacteristic semi political rant post. Will go back to normal tomorrow.

    Or why I have devolved into spending most of my days either playing PS4 or writing. 2020 is doing wonders for my mental state lol. What's June going to have, a volcanic eruption?

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5000 words into the next chapter · 8:02am May 24th, 2019

That only is like three total scenes so oof.

But so far in it I set up at least a few plot threads- I know what to do with Spike so that's cool. I plan on in the next parts having a long conversation with Pinkie and Twilight cause the first scene sets up that starting. Then I went into some foreshadowing followed by a decently long Flutterdash scene which going by how I've set up the chapter, isn't done at all and will be the main focus for cute stuff. And then I brought the outside world back in with the Changelings and gryphons.

So I have no clue when this will be done but I definitely have gotten past my slight writers block cause I added a thousand words a day on my days off which fixes some of the issues I had. Build up and pay off is important and I don't want to just forget some stuff and drop some plot threads.

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