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Slow down, you're doing fine, you can't be everything you want to be, before your time... -Vienna, The Stranger: Billy Joel Also, Demi and proud!

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    Have a new story

    Been sitting on this idea for a while, finally decided to put it into words.

    TSlave to The Rhythm
    One moment of bravery leads to a shocking revelation. One moment of desperation may lead to something else.
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    Quick thoughts on Yasuke

    So... Yasuke. I can only give it a resounding 'meh'.

    Like it had potential, but honestly, I think they should have stretched it out over 13 episodes given the worldbuilding they seemed to want to do.

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    Godzilla Vs Kong review

    So, I've finally seen the biggest film, in a literal sense, 2021 had to offer. The matchup of a century, and a nerd's wet dream. Now, the question is does it live up to the hype? Spoilers to follow.

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    Final chapter

    Burn bright, Saber!

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  • 5 weeks
    Happy Trans Visibility Day

    To all of my Trans, Demi Guy/Girl, NB, and even Genderfluid readers, you are loved whoever you are. You are valid.

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Why, Nature, why...? · 5:51pm May 5th, 2019

The stuff about Slug Sex you never knew you never wanted to learn.


How leopard slugs’ huge blue-tinted penises and upside-down acrobatics make for a colourful sex life

Colourful isn't exactly the word I'd use...

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Comments ( 6 )

...Slug penises are in their heads?

They're hermaphrodites. The fact of the matter is, Slugs rarely if ever mate. I suppose there's a lot of pent up energy.

man porn is getting weirder and weirder these days isn't it

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