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Let's Talk Spring Breakdown · 11:44pm Mar 30th, 2019

Overall, not bad. Although I do have some problems with it.


Specifically, the fact that, even though Rainbow turned out to be right that Equestrian magic was on the loose, she still acted like an asshole and ruined everything her friends wanted to do on the cruise. She may have been right, ultimately, but that doesn't mitigate what she did because it all happened before the storm started gathering. Which might have been okay if it was any other character but her doing it. We all know what Dash is like. She's going to feel completely vindicated and be smug about it.

I'm also getting a little tired of Nick Confalone's constant lampshading. We know you think the whole concept of the show is silly, Nick. You don't have to keep drawing attention to it. I get the point here was to have a situation that wasn't some big villain, but still.


And yeah, my timeline concerns are still valid. Although, I think we can be relatively sure that this special will probably take place after or near the end of the current series of shorts. Speaking of timelines, judging from the fact Spike didn't have wings in his appearances, we know this story takes place around mid-season 8 before Molt Down1

As for my personal timeline of events2, this special hasn't derailed it as much as I thought it might. Right now, as regards my own stories, I think where they're placed in the timeline can still work.

So yeah, entertaining, but let's get someone other than Confalone to write the next one, okay?

1 Although I'm sure the NO HUMANZZZZ! ONLY PONIEZZZZZ! brigade will be using it to scream something like "This PROVES EQG takes place in an alternate universe from FiM!" Just spare me.

2 Updated as of 3/30/2019

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Comments ( 6 )

Not even surprised that you've talked about this special barely.

Cause even if I can force myself to find a very few funny things or that made the special as worth as Forgotten Frirndship (hardly like, not going to happen), it was rather plain.
Not boring to death but no entertainment either, aside Pinkie's shenanigans and the Equestria trip.
And Rainbow was annoying as hell, until the scenario became convenient for it's sake...

Although, seeing Sci-Twi "taking the lead", and (not enjoying the fact) that she argued with Rainbow, but because she has her words into matters too, it changes her personality a bit, I appreciated that.

I'm pretty sure Rainbow Dash was only right about Equestrian magic being on the loose because she actually summoned or attracted it with her own magic. She spent a good third of the movie saying she was planning to unleash rainbow magic specifically to attract an Equestrian villain they could fight, then the second she fires off her magic a storm appears and shorts out the boat?

I think if Rainbow had not used her magic there's a pretty good chance the Storm King's magic would just be clumped around that deserted island.

If I got a dollar every time I so much as thought "Goddammit, Rainbow Dash!" as I watched the special... I was also a little frustrated that even after all this time, Sunset's still beating herself up over having brought magic to the human world! Maybe she needs a guilt intervention, hmm? :raritywink:

Still, it had its moments, like when human Rainbow Dash saw her Equestrian counterpart and almost walked up to her. Another "Light 'er up, ladies!" from Pinkie, to name a few.

As far as the timeline goes, it's screwy, but not so messy that you can't piece it back together. It just seems like no one at Hasbro is paying attention on the order of things getting released.

Eh. 7/10, needs less Ego Dash. Other than that, it was alright. Though now that the door is open, I really want to see more duplicate interaction happen now.

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