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Happy Hearts and Hooves Day!!! · 7:48pm February 14th

I hope you all have a really good one, whether you're single or not! :yay:

I've seen an odd thing on the internet. You see single people lamenting being so, or you see other ones saying it's way better and mocking people who are in relationships. Having been both taken and now broken up and single, I can tell you that both are fine. You don't need a partner, but it's fine to want and have one too. Neither is superior in any way. :scootangel: :pinkiesmile:

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Comments ( 8 )

Wait, your single? That's new to me considering what I remember

Yep, he broke up with me in June.

jeez, that long?

Yeah, I did make a blog about it some time ago, you must've missed it.

Knowing me I probably did

I honestly think it depends on how well a relationship can go. You can be real happy if you find someone you are great with

Of course. That's my point. You can be happy in relationship, or single. It depends entirely. :twilightsmile:

that's a pretty good way of looking at it. Things could be better or worse, the story of life :pinkiesmile:

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