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  • 53 weeks
    I'm Kinda Done

    Hello everyone, bet you thought you'd seen the last of me. Not by a long shot. I'm afraid I have some sad news.

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  • 70 weeks
    New Vote

    So since I received little input about the next chapter, By which I mean the fact Nobody voted at all, I'm going to put up my choices for the first Non MLP chapter to go up on DeviantART.

    A. Red vs Blue.

    B. Transformers: Lost Light

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    IW2 Update

    After...two votes. I've made my decision. The MLP chapters will stay on here, the Non MLP's will be posted on DeviantART on my page. I go by the same name as on here.

    The next chapter will go up tomorrow(coincidentally my Birthday), and after that, the one with the most votes by next Monday will be the next chapter written. Poll's in the link.

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    IW2 Update

    Hey there, busy working on Chapter 3 of Immortal Wirewolf 2, and a thought occurred to me. While I do enjoy the show, the ideas I have for universes Alfreda visits are all kinda far from the fandom, save for the little bits with Anti-Matter(expect a good one next chapter). So I'm holding a poll till Monday on wether I should separate the story into the MLP chapters going up on here and the non

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    It's Alive!

    Well the first chapter of Immortal Wirewolf 2(Short title) is now done. So the plan is it will be divided up into two 'seasons' to better pace then the original version, the first half will focus on Alfreda and Juan exploring their characters, and the second will delve a little into Jack, while the rest will focus on the forth member, who will remain unnamed now, but for those that read(and

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I'm Kinda Done · 12:54pm Feb 11th, 2019

Hello everyone, bet you thought you'd seen the last of me. Not by a long shot. I'm afraid I have some sad news.

I'm checked out of the MLP fandom. As in I like some of the stuff like Luna and the villains, but the majority overall, I'm practically done. Any stories besides whatever I have left for Interseason and the Alfreda/VG series are cancelled. If you wanna take over for it, PM me the details.

The VGverse will live, I've just hit a stump with that. The only project I can confirm survived my revelation is the Kul'as spinoff series. It'll come out, but with the updates I have to make to my continuing stories have put it on the back burner.

Mercs of Justice and El Quatros Locos will still be updated than brought over to DeviantART.

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