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I'm just a random guy who wants to read good fanfics. If you want to know anything about me, (I doubt any of you do, but you never know) just ask me

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Merry Christmas · 10:33pm Dec 25th, 2018


Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you had a good holiday. My Christmas was great. I got a few gift cards, some cash, some clothes (no surprise), Reeses (also no surprise), and Mega-Man 11. Oh, also I got A FRICKING PLAYSTATION 4! Hence MM11. I seriously didn't see that coming to be honest. Really the worst thing I got was Black Ops 4, which came with the PlayStation. I don't mean to offend anyone, but f*ck COD. I'm trading that trash first chance I get. Which is hopefully very soon since I already beat Mega Man. Hopefully with the cards and cash, as well as all the 360 games I can now trade, I'd be able to get at least 2 games that'd be fun. First on my list is Spider-Man. Obviously. Not sure what I'd get next besides a game not from this year. They're cheaper.

Now I'll just leave a few links to songs I like.
And three.

And that's about it. Got a new system, new games (with one actually being good), and a way to hopefully get more games. Like I said, good Christmas for me. Well, until next time. Which will likely be next Monday. Once again, merry Christmas.

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