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XCOM 2's Tactical Legacy Pack out at around noon central time, if folks are around I'll be trying to livestream the missions! · 3:49pm Oct 9th, 2018

Morning folks! As most of you are likely aware, last week a free DLC pack was announced for XCOM 2, that adds a bunch of nifty little things. The meat of the DLC is a series of story missions, which are tactical missions back to back and tell the story of what happened between the end of the first invasion and the start of XCOM 2. Now, I'm hoping to restart the XCOM 2 livestreams this weekend with all of the nifty stuff unlocked from these story missions... but the game does require that i play them first. So I thought, why not try and livestream those too?

So, I thought why not stream it for folks? Now as these are 100% tactical layer missions and no strategy layer, it will be without mods. Hope to see you all this afternoon (barring technical issues)!

Edit: Livestream link is in my little author blurb at the top of the page!

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Wanderer D

I'm kind of annoyed because that is exactly what I want to do, but because I'm not in a place where I have the internet speed for it, it would suck to stream them.

Also, remember it's only free if you have WOTC.

I quite like the aesthetics of the new armor. Seems more fitting for the means of manufacturing of XCOM’s Resistance. Same goes for the “Old Earth” weapons. “Old Earth” anything is amazing.


As for the missions, I hope they’re not too lore-breaking with Bradford meeting aliens before he introduces them to us seemingly for the first time. Even then, that’s not much of an issue.

Vahlen remains, it would appear, a loose end for the series.

oh neat. i'll be sure to pop by if i see you live. Though i'll be playing it myself at the same time as well likely :twilightsmile:


I feel that when Bradford is introducing the aliens, he's explaining them to the Commander and by extension the player just in case that they are rusty or in the case of beginners don't know what they are.

That said, it looks like that we might have to go Site Recon judging by the the trailer.

I received a rather large update for WOTC today actually, would that be it?


In any case, the OST is amazing.

Wanderer D

I uploaded my first try and linked it on my blog, dude. Now you have to beat my score!

Downloaded TLP successfully and went to get my character pool setup for when I start a new campaign after completing Legacy Ops to get the custom gear. Found that, even with the appropriate mods turned on none of the customized character options were showing up.

Exited the game, tweaked the mod list, and started it up again. Now all my customization mods are back, but the performance feels sluggish.

Firaxis, I love you dearly, but every DLC and update you've released for XCOM 2 has created serious roadblocks for existing mods. I know some of this can't be helped, but for a game designed to be tinkered with by the fans it hampers some of the experience. Here's hoping XCOM 3's customization issues run a bit smoother.

Ok I did a double-check and I did get the DLC, so onward and upward

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