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October Suggestion Thread on Patreon! · 9:26pm Oct 5th, 2018

Here it is! Drop your suggestions over there, not here!

So as you probably know this is a special month! Not only because its my favorite holiday of the year but also it means a special request thread!

So, give me your best spooky suggestions and every single one that piques my fancy will get its own story!

This could be as spooky as Twilight realizes her entire life is a lie. To something as mundane as Rainbow Dash gets the pants scared off her. Or it could be a blend of genres and you could say something like Twivampire and Raribite bond over a shared meal. Or less romance more dark comedy where Pinkieghoul chows down on Twilight only to discover shes a lich, awkwardness ensues.

The only limit is your-

You can also submit more then one if you want!

I also have several of my own ideas that I will have you guys vote on midway through the month! Talk about value! :P

So, without further ado, lets hear it!

Report Jest · 151 views · #suggestion
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Comments ( 3 )

Twilight, Spike and Cadance find themselves lost during a trip in the mountains, and they stumble upon a mansion which happen to be inhabited by vampony mares.

Here it is! Drop your suggestions over there, not here!
Its the first line man! Lol.
Although the suggestion is a little interesting.

Sorry, I usually don't pay to post a fanfic suggestion.
Use my idea or not as you see fit.
And the last time I suggested a fanfic idea in someone's fanfic suggestion blog, they decided to do other things and still seem not to be any closer of doing it today, despite their promise.

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