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A question and a suggestion? · 11:08am Sep 3rd, 2018

I want to ask a question to my readers.

It is more along the way of a poll, but listing the options would take too long so I am just making a blog post.

What I want ot ask is this.

Which one of the Friendship Is Magic characters' future has been altered by the events of The Golden Cross Arc and the still active events of the Lost Tribe/Return of the Ancients Arc. (Name is still pending on that one.)

You may not pick Luna, Spike, Cadance or Celestia, since their future have been decided, or are already part of the storyline. But you may offer a character who might have been alive during this era.

You may pick one character for each of these two chapter, the same even. The only time you can pick more then one is if they are connected in a manner, being siblings, married and so on.

Then I want you to tell me. How do you think their future has been altered by these events? And how do you think this will affect their lives in Equestria?

Next I have two Optional things I'd like to ask. But they are not required.

Option 1: Which of Maleficus' personas or the various OCs in the story, would have one of the Main Six as a fan? And for what reasons? And which Main Six would that be?

Option 2: I'd also like to know if anyone can suggest any future identities made by Maleficus in the next arcs I got planning. Any suggestions are appreciated and I am more then willing to give credits to those who have made contributions to the story.

Comments ( 6 )

1. I think the Dazzlings would be interesting to see added to the story as it was never touched upon (to mu knowledge) if Starswil and the Pillars went about equestria before the Green Star incident so they could still be chilling in the oceans. I can see them both being a potential ally/firends and or enemys to Maleficus.

2. I think Twilight would be fascinated by Golden Cross because of the cultural renaissance that he ushered in after the battle of canterlot. From this point in the story he has a far larger impact on Equestrian history from the more direct role he played in it. I can also be a huge buff of Achilles because of the scientific and magical aspects of his 'return' and the potential wealth of knowledge he and the 'ancient ones' may hold.

3. I think it would be interesting to See him take on the form of a young dragon. Already on both of Maleficus's returns he has spent a good portion of his time after the crusades helping the ponies if Equestria. (May it be directly in the terms of the canterlot battle and the defence of the nomads. Or indirectly through the knowledge he leaves with both parties to help them prosper) As I'm sure one way or another he will be dragged into the dragon invasion, or blamed (*cough* celestia *cough cough*) I can see him as a dragon mostly because sure it would be cool but could be used as a huge impact for future events. Maybe he starts a power struggle, or befriends Dragon Lord touch (probably a kid or teenager at this point) he could be responsible for the construction of the dragon throne scepter. Additionally it could lead to a more peaceful stand off between Equestria and dragons instead of a prolonged war or even dragon hunt since Celestia is slowly turning into a War Monger.

I'm.... not sure what you're asking for that first part? Do you want suggestions for a character who's story has been altered at the current timeline like Chrysalis, Sombra (oh wait he's already disappeared huh....) and maybe Torch? or are you asking about the Main 6 and the ponies we know from FiM cannon which haven't been born yet?

As for Optional 1: the most obvious main 6 would be Twilight... since she no longer has Starswirl the bearded to become a fanatical fan over... (though i guess she could continue his dark work...) but neither of the personas you've made for Maleficus really fit with inspiring her to become the bookworm we know.... at best maybe a Lore seeker? though i GUESS i could see her striving to become some kind of Knight since she'll probably still grow up next to Celestia and considering how... militaristic Celestia's been so far that might carry over to FiM timeline...

Though personally i find it hard to limit it to just one of the Main 6... all of their stories would have changed a tiny bit because of the addition of Maleficus to the story.... any one of them could end up idolizing one of Maleficus's personas

And as for Optional 2: well honestly i'm not sure... you've so far either created a new character based on a type of warrior from a game... or drawn inspiration from a classic character.... so far both characters have been Male so i'm not sure if you'd be ok with female personas for Maleficus...

For a Male persona i'd say you NEED to replace Starswirl.... the Ponies NEED a magical ''genius'' or they'll be somewhat lacking once FiM timeline comes around... though this 'might' take you away from the ''Alicorn of war'' concept you seem to have going for Maleficus XD

On the other hand if you'd be willing to try a Female Persona.... as a Swedish person myself i'm VERY disappointed that you haven't used the concept of the Norse Valkyries XD it would let you expand a bit on the Horses diverse lore or you could make it an unusual female pegasus... but it would give Maleficus a ''reason'' to be out exploring since he'd be ''searching for worthy warriors to guide to Valhalla'' heck it could even double as gathering data to add to the horses or something o.o

.... or you could just Base his next persona on Thor.... but honestly i'd suggest the Valkyrie since it's be hilarious to see him get used to a female form XD

Sidenote: Making his next persona a Valkyrie COULD give you an option to have that persona become Rainbow dash's idol o.o
Anyways... shutting up now XD hopefully the others will get here with better suggestions soon

Dragon Lord Torch* and yeah that could be really nice o.o have Maleficus help the dragons rebuild and take stock of themselves as a species after what's probably going to be a rather nasty ''grand feast'' defeat xD

Sorry I'm on my phone Andy auto correct hates me lol. It's made for some interesting conversation with my mother lol

1) Like Moons_Dragon has said, if the Dazzlings are still here and not sent to EG universe, it would be interesting to see them. I like Maleficus but... He doesn't have a single ally except Luna. I could imagine something like ennemy at the first contact then they start to befriend and become allies.
I can imagine that the events of the green star has made the pillars not being here in the first place, so the Dazzlings were free to roam in the pre-equestria. They're not really that violent if you compare them with the raiders, more like sadistic sirens who enjoy the mayhem so it wouldn't be impossible for them to actually become the "protectors" of some lands because they need the ponies alive and they protect them in secret from the raiders.
After the change in the history, I guess they would go from villains to anti-heroes.

2) Golden Cross is obviously going to be the model of many ponies. I'm not sure about Achilles for now, but Golden Cross might be the model for Rainbow Dash. I'm saying that because she is the fighting one in the Main 6, the one who I could say "Yup, she come from a warrior-like tribe". I can easily imagine the parents reading stories of Golden Cross, the order and the Ancient Ones to a filly RD and she will dream a lot about adventure and being awesome like them.
Actually, there is a chance that she become a member of the order instead of the wonderbolt. You just need for her to see the order before the wonderbolt and she will be focused on that.
Maybe Grand Music or Happy Meal will be a model for Twilight if they turn more towards the erudits side. It's true that there isn't really a good model except Starswill. I know that his name will no longer be tarnished but with all the changes with the order and with everything who's coming soon, I wouldn't be surprised with the rise of future elite mages.

3) As for the future identities, using a griffon hunter/adventurer could be interesting. It's pretty much easy to imagine a griffon hunter who travel the lands in order to hunt the most powerful pray and also want to see the world.
It would help Equestria to recognize that yes, they're not the only one species and there is more beyond and not all of them are insane. Since Celestia is looking to improve the qualities of the map of the surrounding regions, it can be good as introduction. Maleficus can start to look for the others countries and species in the world for the next decades and improve his lore knowledge, trying to make the different civilization meet. It would of course start a lot of trouble if the griffons civilization is also warrior-like.

So far very good suggestions.

I like the idea of Twilgiht admiring Golden Cross for his effect on the Culture of Equestria. Also for Achilles' 'introduction' of the lost knowledge of ancient Equestria, which was not named Equestria. Name is still a work in progress.

But I do not think she would have either of them as her new personal hero, since, well, one was an earth pony and did not use magic, the other was a petrified ancient warrior who was put together like a Frankenstein project and barley had any proper magical training. and magic, which is her special talent, is what would draw her attention the most.

The tale of Starswirl turning mad has been mostly kept silent by the ponies after their escape from the Everfree Forest. Starswirl was famous before the Green Star event. And many of the ponies who survived through the horrors he committed felt shame for it and never spoke or wrote down about him. Only in the royal Library in the castle of the Everfree Forest can you find all the information. In the historical documents of Canterlot where saved archives of the olden times are kept do you barely even get a hint of what happened.

Starswirl's madness will not be reminded of for a long time. I do not say it won't be reminded, just that currently, and possibly in the future, will there be no real recollection of Starswirl's fall into madness.

Rainbow Dash feels like she would admire Golden Cross for his base values and strength, but she is more of a fan of speed then strength, so I do not think Golden Cross would be her biggest idol. Nor do I think she would join the Order of the Golden Cross, since it is not only a place for warriors but education as well, not really her forte.

As for the suggested forms.

Dragon: I love dragons and I am already planning one or more form.

Griffin: I got one planned and I like the suggestion of a hunter like one.

Gender Bender: Just. NO. I am not going to do that.

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